Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nails Inc Baker Street

Don't you just love it when all the bright fun nail colours start appearing for summer. When this popped into my inbox last week (I know I am behind) I instantly loved the colour.
Its Baker street which is limited edition, you can find out more and purchase here.

The shade has got further coverage as Beyonce has been seen wearing the shade.

You can read the full story here. But on her first trip out since the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy she was spotted in the new shade. Beyonce's manicurist also tweeted that this was what Beyonce was wearing.

Its certainly a bright fun shade, what do you think?


L's Moment of Fame!

Well I have posted this more to embarrass L.

L attended a Fashion show at the Medquarter in aid of the Fairbridge programme (part of the Princes Trust) on Friday last week. She has manged to get herself on the Liverpool Echo's website you can see the page here. As you can see she also managed to get herself in the same photo as Jennifer Ellison.


L'Occitane Cherry Princess

Today's post is on a on new Limited Edition scent available from L'Occitane, its called Cherry Princess.

Here is what L'Occitane say about about the range,
'This NEW Fragrance collection blends the juicy scents of red cherries with a delicate floral softness, reminiscent of the graceful beauty of a princess.'
The new scent is available in Shower cream, Body Gel, Hand Cream, Eua de Toilette, and a Gift Set.
I think the smell sounds lovely....I love Grapfuit and it sounds so interesting to be mixed with Cherry. It sounds perfect for spring.

They have even realised a great gift set in time for Mother's Day.

Cherry Princess Gift Set £39, Eau de Toilette 50ml, Shower Cream 250ml, Body Lotion 75ml and Hand Cream 30ml (worth £58). A new, limited edition scent, the Cherry Princess Collection captures the beauty and essence of the cherry tree with its delicate flowers that change from white to red over the summer months. This bright, fruity floral scent opens with a delicate blend of grapefruit and cherries from the Luberon region of Provence, followed by a floral bouquet supported by musk and precious woods.

Can't wait to have a smell and probably pick up a hand cream...


Tuesday, 28 February 2012

No 7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser

Today's post is on an item I purely picked up as I got 2 items from the new No 7 spring collection and it was 3 for 2. I decided to look at the new Beautiful Skin collection, you can read more here on the range. Its mainly all about allowing busy women solutions to achieving radiant, healthy-looking skin in just two steps. No7 has also colour-coded the packaging, spring green for normal/oily skin, pink for normal/dry skin and lilac for dry/very dry.

I picked the Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser from the range.
Here's what Boots No 7 say,
'The first step to beautiful skin is effective cleansing. Specially formulated to effectively clear away dirt and impurities, No7 Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleanser leaves dry complexions feeling as soft and supple as normal skin.

The gel develops into a non-drying oil to protect the skin’s natural moisture levels and hydrate dry areas at the same time. It then changes into a light milk formula for easier rinsing, so skin is left residue-free and totally refreshed. What’s more, it’s enriched with rosehip oil to really lock in moisture and offer a fuss-free approach to truly tailored skincare.'The whole range does have a nice look to the packaging and the colour coding is also a nice touch.

I decided to switch the product into my Skincare routine instead of my cleanse and polish for a week. My routine was then made up of use the Melting Gel, followed by Lush Breath of Fresh Air, followed by some Clinique Moisture Surge.

The product has the gel texture and when you start to rub it in it turns to oil. Once it's rubbed you are then suppose to wash it off. So it's very straight forward to use and has a nice scent.

My main issue with this product is that it started to cause dry patches on my cheeks. I also didn't feel that it removed all my make-up....and I don't wear that much! But I might just be picky as I feel Cleanse and Polish does such a good job at removing my make-up.

I have already had to switch back to my cleanse and polish, as I ended up with quite a few dry patches. This may just be my funny skin as it is quite sensitive and I do struggle to find products that work well.

Have you tried any of the new Skincare range?


Monday, 27 February 2012

Oscars: Best Dressed

I love the day after a big red carpet event, and getting to look through all the dresses and hair!

Below are a couple of our favourite outfits from the night.
Top L-R Maria Menounos, Octavia Spencer, Angeline Jolie, Emma Stone. Bottom L -R Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams.

The wasn't many dresses that we thought 'Wow' about. Many have said that they loved Gwyneth's outfit but not sure we are feeling it.

We actually liked more outfits fom the Vanity Fair after party.

L-R , Claire Danes, Olivia Wilde, Diane Kruger.

L-R Leslie Mann, Victoria Beckham, Elizabeth Olsen.

L-R Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez.

Overall we think Claire Danes outfit was gorgeous!!

Who was your favourite?

Make-up for the night seemed to follow the smokey eye and nude pinky lips, though the you still had the glamourous red lips and classic black flicked eyeliner. There was lots of ballerina buns and glamourous tumbling waves and curls for the red carpet hair.

Who had your favorite hair?


Saturday, 25 February 2012

Beauty Blog Link Love

Here is this week's Beauty Blog Link Love.

The Best Black Liquid Eyeliner is awarded to Clio Professional Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black by Bun Bun Makeup Tips!

Beauty's Bad Habit shows you how to totally reinvent and freshen up hair extensions with a bright, beautiful dye.

Beauty In The Mirror gets creative this week reviewing Violent Lip Tattoos.

Love Sparkle & Shimmer? Check out Kim Porter's review of the LUSH Shimmy Shimmy Sparkle Bar.

Madame B Fatale shows you how to create a REALLY colourful makeup look!

We all enjoyed watching Adele sweep up the Grammy's a couple weeks ago, but the beauty blogosphere was eyeing particularly on Adele's Louboutin-inspired manicure! Aren't they oh-so-glam?

Smashinbeauty shows you a few makeup tricks on how to make your lipstick last longer.

Gouldylox dishes on the five spring trends you should be thinking about now.

Jenn over at Spiced Beauty has the details on the Spring 2012 collection from Sally Hansen, NYC Color and Rimmel London.

polish insomniac shows us a subltle gradient mani using Nars Midnight Express.

My Lips But Better uncovers a drugstore gem in Cover Girl Natureluxe Silk Foundation.

Jellyminx shares a super dramatic Sunday smoky eye.

At Lipstick Musings, Shannon takes a look at the new Roses Ultimes de Chanel Glossimers, with special love going to #169, Jalousie. Come see the swatches and pictures, plus a Lip of the Day!

If you love bath and body products, then Beauty Info Zone has a brand you need to check out. Make Me Smooth has over 300 scents to choose from in an intensity you pick. Beauty Info Zone invites you to learn about this amazing line.

Love nude lips? Claire has swatched her entire collection over at Eyelining Obsessions.

It's not even spring yet and Anita is already getting excited about Guerlain's summer collection, another collaboration with Emilio Pucci! For more details, click here!


K & L

Friday, 24 February 2012

GOSH Forest Floor

Today's post is a quick nail one of a Limited edition GOSH nail polish I got for Christmas.
This is Forest Floor from GOSH and is a sort of dark teal green shade (sorry I am rubbish with colours). I just love the colour!

The swatch was of 2 coats which gave a lovely finish. The consistency and finish really impressed me...this is my first GOSH polish. It has certainly has made me want to check out some more shades.

Are you a GOSH nail fan?


Thursday, 23 February 2012

Burt's Bees Bee-utiful Treats

Today's post is on a little set I received for Christmas. I have to admit I had actually forgot all about it and found it in my draw on the weekend. The set in question is Burt's Bees Bee-utiful Treats.
This set retails at around £5 and here's what Burt's Bees say,
'This season’s perfect pair, our Bee-utiful Treats will leave your lips loved and hands happy. Treat someone to a box of beauty with our hydrating hand salve with our classic Beeswax balm. Maybe even you.'

It was such a nice little set to receive as I do like a Burt's Bees lip balm and I was excited to try the hand salve. You can see me mention the lip balm here.
Onto the Hand Salve, now I have never tried or seen this before, here what Burt's Bees say,
'Need some salvation for rough, dry hands? Our most intensive hand treatment, this formula is packed with botanical oils, herbs and beeswax to moisturise hard-working, rough, dry hands. It's an everyday miracle.'

In the tin it looks like a lipbalm, even the consistency is a little like a lipbalm. You are suppose to take a little bit and rub it into your hands. I do find that it takes a little bit of work to do and as it begins to warm up it seems to melt in better. It tends to leave a greasy feel to your hands for a little bit after as its a lot thicker than a cream.

The other thing that I know not everyone would like is the smell. Now I am a fan of Burt's Bees smells, but I like the minty herbal aroma. But I know this isn't everyone's taste. If you are not a fan of this sort of scent then you my find this off putting as it does have a strong aroma.

This is not something I would use everyday but its certainly good to pop on when your hands are suffering. I have used it at night and in the morning I have noticed a difference. I have also been popping it onto my dry elbows which is working a treat.

Have you tried the hand salve?


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser

I ran out of my usually Hot Cloth Cleanser - the amazing Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, and because I don't have a local store etc that I can go and pick up another one, I actually thought I would give the Superdrugs' Vitamin E version a go.  I'd heard a lot of good things so thought what the hell!

Firstly you get a lot of product for the price (around £5.99) and you also get a muslin cloth in the box. Absolute bargain!  Secondly the texture is similar to that of the Cleanse and Polish - although I still feel the Liz Earle version is thicker, which I do prefer.  I also quite like the smell.

It goes on easily and does remove my makeup including my eye makeup - although I do feel like I have to go over with a bit more toner to remove the last few traces.

All in all its a great cleanser and I love removing my makeup this way and it leaves my skins soft and moisturised.

But, yes there is a but! I still prefer my Liz Earle's Cleanse and Polish despite the savings.  I feel like it removes all traces of my makeup and leaves my skin in such fantastic condition after use.  I seriously miss it in my routine if I'm not using it and I have to admit that with the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser I just don't feel like that.  Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic product if you don't want to fork out for the Cleanse and Polish and does exactly what you need it to do!  For me, Cleanse and Polish is the only skincare product I have at the moment that I would constantly re-purchase.

And with that in mind I got very excited on the weekend as I got this little treat of my mum.  She's recently made a purchase off the Liz Earle website and got this little sample,

I am beyond happy and so will be skin be in a few uses!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

NOTD Colourful Mess

Just a quick NOTD for you.  

Once again this is from our sister Hana, she's really into attempting different nail art and styles at the moment and this is her latest creation.  

What you need:-

- a white polish
- four colours of your choice,
- 2 kirby grips

What you do:-

- paint two coats of the white polish
- split the kirby grip open and dip one end in the colour of your choice and then start to make a random pattern
- apply a top coat once down

Love the end result!

Now Hana's used a kirby grip but you could also use a very small paint brush, nail art brush, nail art pen or even the end of a pin.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Dressing Marilyn - How an Hollywood icon con was styled

 I wanted to share with you a lovely prize I won on Twitter, from Carlton Books which can also be found @carltonbooks.

Dressing Marilyn - How a Hollywood icon was styled by William Travilla

Like most people I love MariIyn Monroe and this is an absolutely gorgeous book, with lots of images and sketches from Travilla, as well as details of how the designs came about.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

MeMeMe Coral Collection


L and myself were luckily enough to be sent some MeMeMe products to test out. I was sent the Best Seller Gift Set in Coral.
The set contains MeMeMe's Hero products including a Blush Me blush box, Nail Gloss and a Light Me Up Lipgloss. There are 4 shades to choose from in Rouge, Coral, Pink and Bronze. These retail at £15.50 and you can buy from MeMeMe.

Here's what MeMeMe say about the set,

'Create a tropical peachy glow with this gorgeous set featuring our best selling Blush Box in 'Coral', ‘Lustre’ Light Me Up Lipgloss and long lasting Nail Gloss in hot coral 'Spirited'.'

The Blusher is a great little box blush that contains a mirror and a brush.

The blush is very pigmented and is such a gorgeous coral shade, this would be perfect for the summer months!

It adds a great glow to my fair skin which I love. The only part I don't like is the brush I don't get on with using it. But I have never used the brushes that come with these box blushers.

The lipgloss in Lustre is a gorgeous which I would say is a sheer natural pink/coral gloss.

The gloss contains a mirror on one side, a doe wand applicator and a light in the lid to aid application. This has a non sticky texture and feels great on the lips.

This gloss has fitted into my collection perfectly. As you may have noticed it is one of my go to colours that I like to keep to hand for everyday use.

Last up is the nail polish in Spirited which is a pastel coral shade.

I have never tried a MeMeMe nail polish before and I am unsure why. I always think the shades look nice when I see them in my local Superdrug but I have never picked one up. After trying this colour I am off to take a look at the rest. Below you can see how the shade applied with two coats.

Its such a gorgeous colour!

L received the MeMeMe nail collection to try and will be posting some NOTDs soon.

Are you a MeMeMe fan?


PR Sample

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

No 7 Floral Brights Spring Collection


Today's post is on two products from the limited edition No7 Floral Brights collection.
The collection contains the No7 Vital Brightening Eye Palette, No7 Vital Brights Cream Blush, No7 Vital Enlightening Highlighter, No7 Vital Brights Lipstick in Blooming Pink and Blossoming Pink.

Here is what No7 and Lisa Eldridge say about the range,
"The No7 spring collection showcases a bright new twist to the barely-there make up look that refuses to go out of fashion," explains No7 creative consultant and make up artist Lisa Eldridge. "Encapsulating the eclectic and diverse nature of modern British beauty, there's a perfect look for every woman - a refresh of the neutral look with the latest nude hues and a wear-if-you-dare bold flirtation with colour - to inspire all your Ta Dah! moments this spring."

I choose two items from the range the No7 Vital Brights lipstick in Blooming Pink and Vital Brights Cream Blush in Blossoming Pink.

My first impression of the range was regarding the packaging...its lovely and certainly brightens up my make-up collection! I love that No7 really think through how the packaging looks and not just at the products.

As soon as I saw the blushers I knew I had to get one.

I choose Blooming Pink which is a great fuchsia colour though I would still like to get Blossoming Pink. This a cream to powder formula and blends great, its also very pigmented. These retail at £10.00 which is quite expensive considering that the Topshop cream blusher contains more and retails at £6.00. I do love the blusher but I think Topshop still do the best cream blushers, certainly for the price.

Next I choose the lipstick in blossoming pink.

This is a coolish toned nude with an edge of pink to it. Its a great nude as it doesn't wash you out.

You could certainly say its a my lips but better. This are pigmented but buildable and is really moisturising on the lips...the formula is great.

Have you tried anything from the new range?


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