Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nautical Love....

I saw this gorgeously cute nail idea over on The Beauty Department in their Mani Monday feature and I knew I had to give it a go.

So in stepped Hana, my younger sister to help me model the look.

First up here's what you need,

1. Blue and Red polishes - along with a Top Coat
2. French nail stencil stickers - easier than attempting the stripe
3. Nail Scissors to cut the stickers
4. Nail Stick to help stick the stickers into the corners of your nails.
5. Nail art paint brush or like me a very thin paint brush.

And here's how to complete the look,

Then cut the sticker to size and paint on on a little red heart (make sure you practise first) and then apply a top coat

Love it!


LilyLipstick said...

Wow, these look great! I love the little red heart. x

LinasBeautyDiary said...

Omg that is the cutest design ever!!!! xx

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