Sunday, 31 July 2011

Round up of the week and news....

Firstly, cannot believe its the end of July already - madness. Also I've been married 8 weeks - scary ha ha.

So we've already mentioned that July has been a very busy month for birthday's. So its been nice to have a quiet week.
images from We Heart It
Although I did go Car Booting with the Hubbie - looking for vintage but cheap bits for my dressing table.

image from We Heart It

Well so much for a quite weekend. This was the plan for me and the Hubbie, however it never happened. We ended up packing up our house - yep we're moving and not just near by! We're leaving Lancaster and heading off back to my hometown in North Wales. So it's going to be quite a difference.

Also we've not got a couple of months to sort stuff out - we've got 2 weeks!! So all quite sudden.

So on the blog this week:-


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