Friday, 22 July 2011

Barry M Lipgloss combos

So a while ago I picked up the I picked up the Impulse body spray that had the Limited Edition Barry M gloss free with them. I'm a bit late, well very late blogging about the offer however I really wanted to show you how I've been using them.

First up, the pink gloss.

Barry M Pink and MAC Cream Cup

This one has a bit of a sparkle to it, which I usually tend to avoid in lip glosses however it does seem to have that grainy feeling that some get. It's very much a baby pink colour with a fruity sweet smell to it - it made me think of strawberry chewits.

I like to pair this up with my MAC Cream Cup - I love the lipstick on its own but I'm very much a gloss girl. Never feel right without it.

left to right - Mac Cream Cup with Barry M Pink over the top, MAC Cream Cup on its own, Barry M Pink on its own

And here's the combo on,

Next up is my favourite of the glosses,

Barry M Caramel and Barry M Nude - stickers come off so not sure of the number and can't find it on the website

I love this gloss. It's just a nice simple gloss that's lovely and smooth. Also it doesn't have any glitter to it - bonus! It has a caramel scent to it which I love.

Barry M gloss and lipstick, Barry M Lipstick, Barry M Gloss
Here it is on,

I just find that with both of these combo's that I get a nice glossy but natural look. Perfect for the a natural day look.

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