Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Colour me Grey

My absolute favourite nail colour in Navy but a very close second is Grey, I love all sorts of greys dark to sparkly. I wanted to show you a couple of my favourites from my collection. As with most of my nail varnishes these are highstreet brands that a readily available and affordable to all - my favourite!

So the paler grey's are George Witchcraft (£1.75), Topshop Cloud (£5.00) and Miss Sporty 420 (£1.99) full swatches are below. My favourite of these is Topshop Cloud, it is a bluer toned grey which I feel looks better on me.
The sparkly greys are E.L.F Metal Madness (£1.50), Accessorize Idol (£4.00), Bourjois Mini 40 (£4.00 ish) and Rimmel Black Pearl (£4.59). These four are my absolute favourite they are dark and sparkly which is my fave combo. I have also thrown in two black polishes as they are certainly cheap and cheerful Bourjois Mini 39 and MUA Shade 2 (£1.00). The MUA shade is great for a £1.00 but the Bourjois is rubbish it is very thin and watery - I have mainly included it to show and say how rubbish it is.

The last nail colour is from my Strictly Coming Dancing nail polish set that I got for christmas. The colour is called Thrilling and as you can see from the swatch below it is all most green toned. Though I love this colour it really doesn't get used very often as I don't find it goes with much at all.

Are you a grey fan, or should it just be for dark gloomy days?



Radiant Make Up said...

George witchcraft looks quite similar to Illamasquas DWS which is my all time favourite polish - definately going to be checking that one out :)
& I love these sorts of shades - so jealous of the variety of shades!! x

Daisy said...

I have Topshop Cloud too and I love it! :) you're not alone; I do like a grey nail xxx

Vintage Makeup said...

I love grey! Especially light grey :) George Witchcraft looks soo pretty!!

KatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments!
@radiant make up & Vintage makeup - the george colour is great!
@daisy - I love Topshop nail polish

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