Monday, 24 September 2012

MAC Cut a Caper

When I heard that Cut a Caper was coming back to MAC as part of the Heavenly Creatures collection (previously Tartan Tale) I knew I had to get it and be quick! Luckily I managed to get it at my Debenhams counter when it was released.
Cut a Caper is a lustre finish (my fab MAC lipstick range) with a lovely peach/coral tone that gives a nice gloss finish.
The finish us not as dark as the lipstick suggests, with it being a lustre finish the colour is softer and more sheer. Yet once on the lips you still get good colour pay off.
I love the finish and colour when applied it gorgeous and helps my lips to feel fab (I suffer with dry lips). It truly is a great shade and finish, it also lived up to the hype around it which doesn't normally happen.
Did you manage to get one?
This retailed at £14 but is now out of stock, you can try checking eBay for it.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Beauty Blog Link Love

Here is this weeks beauty blog link love

Jenn from Spiced Beauty shares up close & personal pictures of the new Eylure Lashes styles. Perfect for first time lash wearers!

Read all about Krasey Beauty's Unapologetically Strong story!

FabDiva20 has done a galactic look that will take you to the extra dimension! Check out her FOTD: Extra Dimension Galactic Look!

The seasons are changing again! Musicalhouses does some Fall/Winter nail art, with the season's colour trends - and some additional bling!

Still looking for the perfect natural finish foundation? Then read about Urban Decay's Naked Skin Foundation on Adorable On Your Vanity.

Beauty Info Zone tells you why you need href="">Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Beige. You do not want to miss out on this limited edition shadow!

Even if the rest of her isn't ready for the change in seasons, Lisamarie from Beauty Crazed has fingernails that are just screaming fall! Check out her Essie Stylenomics nails and see if you're ready to say goodbye to summer shades!

Jude reviews Stila Brighten & Correct Concealer after being attracted by all of the swirls!!

Kim Porter shares her top picks and tips for transitioning your summer skincare to fall.

Pammy Blogs Beauty gets some help for her post-highlighting debaucle dry and damaged hair with Pureologys amazing new Precious Oil hair care line.

Head over to Makeup, Beauty & More to read about this fabulous little product for soft hands and cuticles!



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Monday, 10 September 2012

Nail Art Nail Tattoo's

Today's post is on Nail Art Nail Tattoos, here's what they say about them;
'Containing 60 individual stickers, Nail Art Tattoos can be used as boldly or subtly as you like. Make a serious statement on every nail or mix it up by creating an accent nail on each hand to add another dimension to a straight manicure.'
How to apply:
  1. Ready...paint nails with polish of you choice.
  2. Set...wait fir polish to dry, then apply the nail art tattoo. Simply peel from backing and stick them to nails - no need for overzealous pressing, as these nail tattoos stick straight away.
  3. Go...go over with a top coat. Et voila!

Theseare certainly straight forward and easy to apply. I would certainly recommend a top coat as on my first go I didn't and I did knock it off. If you are not very creative at nail art like me this is a great idea.

You can get Nail Art Nail Tattoos for £5.99 from here link.


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Beauty Blog Link Love

Here is this weeks Beauty Blog Link Love. As usual it's filled with great beauty reads for your weekend...enjoy!

Can't get your hands on those fancy peel-off base coats you see nowadays? Musicalhouses tries out PVA glue, a dupe of Essence's Peel Off Base Coat. Check it out to see if this cheaper (and easier to get) alternative works!

Love hair gadgets?! Well, Krasey Beauty has the scoop on all the new hair goodies from Sultra.

Guest blogger Ashley dishes on this year's latest hair trend on The Beauty Nerd - chalking!

Gouldylox reveals the products she yearning to try this month with her September list of Beauty I Want Now.

Bun Bun Makeup Tips shares her experience with acne and what your body is trying to tell you with pimples.

This week at Makeup Morsels, MM shares her favorite products for faking that well-rested, virtuous glow.

Kim Porter Reviews IT Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Flush. She says these blushers are a keeper!

K from Beautifully Addicted To tries out the L'Oreal Parisian Rooftops nail polish.

Jude reviews Stila's Perfecting Concealer with not so perfect results.

Midnight Violets has been busy creating and wants to share her favourite mint chocolate body scrub recipe with you all!

Check out which beauty products Anita enjoyed using this summer over at Pleasureflush.

At Musing on Beauty, Mariella has found the best body scrub in the world and shares the secret.


Did Jessika from polish insomniac finally find a drugstore conditioner she can rely on? Find out in her review of Dove Nourishing Oil Care conditioner. And you might just win a $1000 SpaFinder gift card!


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Friday, 7 September 2012

Topshop Lipstick in Secret Admirer

Today's post is on Topshop's lipstick in Secret Admirer which Topshop describe as a warm nude.
I'd say it's far more of a soft pink that is a muted tone. The formula is very smooth and nourishing, applies great.
It's certainly a colour that would appeal to a lot if people, but for me is a tad too pale and flat of a colour. So far I have only been happy if I have out a gloss over the top.
This is another good item from Topshop but it's just not something I would re-purchase as it just doesn't suit me. You can see our other Topshop posts here.
Topshop lipsticks retail at £8.00.
Are you a Topshop fan?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

O.P.I Autumn Winter Nails

I adore Autumn Winter nail colours and I love when the new collections are launched. O.P.I has two fantastic collection out this year.
First up is the OPI Skyfall Collection dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Bond 007 films. All colors of this collection are named after James Bond movie titles. I love the look of them all except Die another die and The spy who loved me (not much of a red fan).
Next up is Germany Collection by OPI, inspired by what fashion editors are calling "Europe’s hottest new fashion metropolis," the Germany Collection by OPI embraces the classical elegance as well as the avant-garde that is modern Berlin. Again I love all but the red and Schnapps Out of it!
The Germany collection is out now and I think the James Bond collection is out October with the new Bind film Skyfall out November.
What do you think? Which shades do you like?

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

It's a's a its Supergirl

I'll start off by saying I love Pinterest but so far I hadn't made anything I'd seen on there. On the weekend just gone my little girl had been invited to a Superhero party. I decided to order some bits off eBay but they didn't arrive in time so I took to Pinterest to find some ideas....luckily I did alright!
With some material, felt, wunderweb and Pinterest I came up with the below.
I even made the Hubby a mask so we could have a Daddy and Daughter combo.
For the cape and logo I used Puking Pastilles and for the mask I used Living Locurto.
Are you a Pinterest fan?

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2nd Wedding Anniversary

Today's is my 2nd Wedding Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 2 years (though we've been together for 11years anyway!). Below are some of my pics from the day.

My colour theme was purple with a bit of hot pink but I also had a sweet theme as you can see below with my homemade table numbers and sweet centrepieces.
My cake also followed the theme.
I am going to enjoying a nice evening in with my hubby (we didn't sort out a babysitter).

Monday, 3 September 2012

NOTD L'Oreal Parisian Rooftops

Today's post is a review on a new nail polish I picked up from Boots. It is from the new Colour Riche nails which is L'Oreal first long lasting mini nail collection, the shade I got was Parisian Rooftops. The collection contains 41 gel based colours designed by L'Oreal Paris' Colour Creative Director Orrea Light. The choice of shades is great, the cost £4.99 for 5ml bottle which I do think is expensive.

Parisian Rooftops is a taupe grey shade with a slight purple undertone. I like the colour against my skin tone, it's far more grey toned than a lot of the the grurplewhich I prefer.

I would love to own all the shades, they may not be the best ever polish but for some reason I am really drawn to them and I love them. You can see swatches if my other shades here.

The swatch above was with 2 coats applied and you can see it gives a great opaque finish. Application is lovely and easy due to the fat fat brush (my favourite type of brush to apply nail polish). Though the consistency can be a little runny so just watch out!

What do you think? Overall I like this nail polish though its a tad expensive and I would certainly look at more shades. Have you tried them? Do you have a fave shade?


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rough Cut Ring

I love a bargain and tha week I spotted a great one in New Look. They are running buy one get one free on their jewellery. I have so far picked up two rings and two bracelets but I wanted to show you my fav of the bunch.
This is the rough cut ring in lack which I paid £3.99 for (I had picked up a £3.99 bracelet with it.
I love it! It's chunky, a bit sparkly and different!
What do you think? New Look have some great items available and I will be popping back!

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