Thursday, 6 September 2012

O.P.I Autumn Winter Nails

I adore Autumn Winter nail colours and I love when the new collections are launched. O.P.I has two fantastic collection out this year.
First up is the OPI Skyfall Collection dedicated to the 50th Anniversary of Bond 007 films. All colors of this collection are named after James Bond movie titles. I love the look of them all except Die another die and The spy who loved me (not much of a red fan).
Next up is Germany Collection by OPI, inspired by what fashion editors are calling "Europe’s hottest new fashion metropolis," the Germany Collection by OPI embraces the classical elegance as well as the avant-garde that is modern Berlin. Again I love all but the red and Schnapps Out of it!
The Germany collection is out now and I think the James Bond collection is out October with the new Bind film Skyfall out November.
What do you think? Which shades do you like?

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