Friday, 7 September 2012

Topshop Lipstick in Secret Admirer

Today's post is on Topshop's lipstick in Secret Admirer which Topshop describe as a warm nude.
I'd say it's far more of a soft pink that is a muted tone. The formula is very smooth and nourishing, applies great.
It's certainly a colour that would appeal to a lot if people, but for me is a tad too pale and flat of a colour. So far I have only been happy if I have out a gloss over the top.
This is another good item from Topshop but it's just not something I would re-purchase as it just doesn't suit me. You can see our other Topshop posts here.
Topshop lipsticks retail at £8.00.
Are you a Topshop fan?


FAB! said...

That's a cute shade. i usually go for pinks like that. Is it creamy?

FatNfab said...

Its cute but like you the pale colors dont work so well- Im porcelaine skinned (and freckles in the summer) so pale colors tend to look silly.

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