Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The Make-up Just for Redheads

Now in my previous post (Wedding FOTD) I had mentioned Just For Redheads which I had stumbled upon when googling for help with make-up for redheads. JFR was founded in 1992 by Paula Pennypacker, as she was was unhappy having to wear make-up designed for blonde's and brunettes,

The world's first & only beauty products designed by a redhead, just for

They are only based in the US, but the do ship worldwide and all my deliveries from them have been super quick! And so far all have come with a free gift! I have ordered a couple of different products, I first started with the Mascara Naturelle, then the Studio Mascara but I'm going to show you my most recent purchase.

From left to right we have Mascara Ultresse in Ginger Henna, Miracle Mint Eye Disguise and finally Sedona eye single collection in Frosted Taupe.

The Mascara is great, I just love it I have even brought some for L to try! They are currently retailing at $24.99 and there is a sample below, I just love the colour as the are not as harsh as some high street browns (I also struggled to find that many different brands that do Brown). I naturally have blonde lashes so I have really struggled, but I find
this goes on great. As I was getting the mascara shipped I though it was better to add some items - just to justify shipping costs.

Firstly I choose the eyeshadow now the colour is Frosted Taupe, this is a brilliant everyday base colour for me, the pigment is not that strong but I like how it goes on so don't mind.

The third item I got was the Mint Eye Disguise it currently retails at $14.99, this is my fav, I pat it on my eye under my foundation and concealer. It is suppose to conceal dark circles and blemish, and personally I feel it does do this for me.

They stock such a wide range of fantastic products (from make-up to skincare to hair extensions) for us fair skinned redheads and I will be ordering from JFR again!

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