Monday, 5 September 2011

MAC Matchmaster Foundation

I've always wanted to try a MAC foundation but even the NC15 and NW15 are too dark for me, so I've never had the opportunity. they just don't stock a good range for the fair people out there. However on my little trip to Debenhams last week I was advised that MAC had released a new foundation in a different range of shades.

MAC Matchmaster Foundation:
New foundation technology using translucent pigments to enable a fully personalised finish influenced by subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moisturising demi-matte finish. Medium buildable coverage. Line reducing soft focus powers
The shades range from 1.0 being the lightest up to 10.0 being the darkest, with a total of 14 shades. It's a described as a virtually invisible foundation, but falls into the medium coverage. It seemed perfect. I tried out the palest colour in Shade 1.0 in store and even though it seemed a perfect match I wanted to try it out at home.

Have to admit I'm in LOVE! The foundation feels amazing on, it blends in perfectly and feels nice and light whilst at the same time providing great coverage. It also lasts amazing well - the bottom picture for example is taken after about 7 hours of wear without a primer -impressed.

Even got compliments about my skin.

I've tried a number of pale foundations over the years yet this is the first that my mum has actually commented on - 'nicest foundation I've seen on you'.

I've never found such an amazing match for my skin tone before from a high end brand.

What more do you need from a foundation???

Roll on payday - I'm off to get a bottle. So worth £24.50, this stuff is amazing.


Imo said...

Glad you found the perfect colour match. I still don't think I've found mine =(. I just mix up what I've got and hope for the best!

luxiehoney said...
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luxiehoney said...

So excited to try this! I'm an ultra paley too and can't wear MAC, so exciting that I might be able to wear it from now on! :) thanks for the review! xxx

Charlotte said...

This foundation sounds and looks great! I'm inbetween an NW and NC 15 so this sounds promising! xx

Yu said...

I've never tried a MAC foundation and haven't heard of this one either! Excited to take a look myself :)

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