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Kleenex Skincare

I will say this post is photo heavy.

When I received these products in the post my first thought was Kleenex skincare really? But when I looked into Kleenex a bit more I learnt how they had originally started out at facial tissues. In the 1920's Kleenex tissues were used by women to remove their make-up or to use with cleansing cream. At the time they were seen as revolutionary as you could just dispose of them, thus more hygienic. Now Kleenex have decided to go back to their roots!

The new range will be available in Superdrug from September and in all leading retailers from January 2012. The range consists of 4 products and has used its technology to develop a facial cleansing range that harnesses all the traits synonymous with Kleenex brand, soft, reliable and quality.
I love the clean, simple but practical packaging, also the designs of the masks are super cute. We all need to remove our 'masks' at the end of the day so I like how they have used this on the packaging.

What Kleenex say about the products;

First up the Facial Cloths

What Kleenex say,

'These gentle, quilted, soft sheets made from natural fibres are not only larger but also softer than cotton wool. They are soft and strong when wet or dry so you can use them not only while applying cleanser and toner, but also while removing facemasks and even nail varnish. RRP £1.99 for 30 cloths'

These are super soft and are feel really strong. They are a nice alternative to cotton wool or maybe even muslin cloth to be able to remove cleanser. I also like the handy box they come in. You can wet them and they don't lose any of their strength.

Next up the Eye make-up remover wipes,

What Kleenex say,

'These soft, quilted wipes contain natural fibres to provide a gentle and effective cleanse. They are suitable even for sensitive skin and effectively remove stubborn waterproof mascaras. RRP* £2.99 for 24 wipes'

Again these do feel super soft, and are a great value product. I will need to use them a bit longer to see whether they end up irritating my sensitive eyes. I have found that I have to give my eyes more then one wipe to remove waterproof mascara, though this is the same for my No7 Eye make-up remover.

Next up the facial cleansing wipes,

What Kleenex say,

'These soft, quilted wipes contain natural fibres to provide a gentle and effective cleanse, removing your “mask” at the end of the day. They are suitable even for sensitive skin and the RRP* £2.99 for 24 wipes .'

My mum made a good comment 'they are wet enough', that is true they are actually wet enough to feel like the would remove your make-up and they do. As I have mentioned before I love my Soap & Glory wipes and I am not sure these would replace them just yet. But they are very handy to have and again are a bargain price.

Last up are the Shine Absorbing Sheets,

What Kleenex say,

'An essential for every busy woman’s handbag, the Shine Absorbing Sheets provide an efficient and discreet way of blotting excess shine caused by oil that builds up on your skin during the day. The sheets remove the shine without disturbing your makeup so are fantastic for quick touch-ups to keep you looking immaculate. RRP* £2.99 for 50 sheets'

I have to say I just don't get these, but that's not Kleenex's fault I have never understood blotting sheets. I understand that you use them to remove excess oil without removing make-up. But maybe as excess oil isn't an issue for me I have never found a use for them. But if you were on a night out or even a bride then these might come in handy.

All in all its a good range, especially as Kleenex is a trusted brand and it is affordable. I think my favourite might be the Facial Cloths, as I don't like flannels or muslin clothes (I have to wash them too often), these are more hygienic Also the eye make-up remover wipes would be very handy after a late night!

What do you think? Would you be tempted?

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Vintage Makeup said...

How cool! I'll have to check out the eye makeup remover wipes. :)

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