Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Mother's Day

This morning we wanted to wish a big Happy Mother's Day to our Mum and all the others out there.

Our mum, like everyone else's is a big part of our lives and we can honestly say she's not just a mum but our friend.  All of us love spending time with her - it's never a chore!

She's also a bit of a legend.  

First off she's not your typical mum.  She's a little nuts for Jay-Z and Kanye West - still blasting Watch the Throne in the car.  She comes along to concerts with us - best was when we took her to Project Revolution in the Milton Keynes Bowl.  Never heard someone screamed so much for Pharell Williams for NERD, Jay-Z or Linkin Park.

She's generally a Legend.

Now she's not usually referred to as mum - actually it's a little strange doing it here.

She's known affectionately as Ned (my Dad's nickname that we've just carried on).  This can also be El Ned, Nedorino, and Nedster.  And our younger sister Hana refers to her as H-Dog and she calls her H-Pup.  Seriously our family is a little different.

Now as her favourite show is Cougar Town - she wants to drink wine all day like they do!, we brought her a wine glass that holds a bottle wine engraved with Big Ned in the style of cougar town.

 So here she is the legend that is Ned.

 Love you loads!


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