Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Soap & Glory Clear Here Cleansing Cloths

Today's post is on Soap & Glory Clear Here Cleansing Cloths (Deep pore purifying t-zone).


I am a Soap & Glory fan. I love the names, packaging and smell of most things. So when I saw these wipes recently I decided to give them a go. My skin had become quite spotty.

Here is what is what Soap & Glory say,

'3-in-1 cleansing, toning and skin smoothing cloths. Infused with slow release Poreshrink-RS™ acid free exfoliator formulated to fight spots and blackheads.


Once or twice a day, rub a Clear Here clog-dissolving cloth across your forehead, then down the centre of your face, around your chin, around the sides of your nose, and repeat. Follow with moisturiser and eye cream. Reseal pack after dispensing so cloths don’t dry out. Dispose of cloths with rubbish, rather than flushing. (Trust us.)'

They are designed for oily to combination skin.
I really haven't got on with these at all and I have been left with my skin ruined and I only used them for 3 nights! They are just not suited to my skin at all. It's taken me a whole mouth to get my skin back to normal. I ended up with dry arches and breakouts on my cheeks.


Now I don't think you can take my review as you shouldn't look at these, unfortunately my skin just didn't like the ingredients. For some skin types these would be good. They removed my makeup well when I did use them. But for the other claims well I haven't been able to use them properly so I can't comment.


I will continue to love products such as Hand Food but I will stay away from the wipes and all ensure I am not using harsh products on my sensitive skin!


The wipes contains 25 at an RRP for £4.50.


Are you a Soap & Glory fan? What's your favourite product?




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Kim said...

I have not seen these yet, might give them a try as I use lots of different wipes!


Sherry Nash said...

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gfive said...

Hi, thank you very much for help. I am going to test that in the near future. Cheers

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