Friday, 11 May 2012

GHD Styling & Protect Gift Set.....

Today post is on the lovely gift box from GHD - namely the Style and Protect Gift Set.  It's a great set that includes a Paddle Brush (which is my favourite type of brush), two sectioning grips, the Straight & Smooth Spray and the Final Shine Spray.

Now I use my GHD's almost everyday - not always a an all over straighten (I have naturally curly/frizzy hair), but at least a quick tidy up in the morning.  So this set was a great addition to my hair routine.  Firstly the brush is brilliant, I've used a paddle brush for as long as I can remember.  I find it just tames my hair so much easier than any other type of brush.  I also feel it works will given my hair length (medium to long) when straightening.

Now on to the spray's, I have to say I was impressed.  Strangely despite my GHD addiction I've never actually tried any of their hair products.


What GHD have to say,

BEST FOR... Creating long-lasting straight hair without frizz or flatness. 
TO USE... Apply 4-6 sprays into damp hair before blow-drying, or apply to dry hair before using your styler. 
STYLE TIP... Refresh your style in-between washes with a spritz of Straight & Smooth Spray before using your styler to straighten.

I followed the instructions and applied to hair whilst damp, however I don't really blow dry my hair so I just wait till dries naturally and then straighten.  I found that the end result was a lovely straight and smooth finish - just as promised.  It really got rid of a lot of my frizziness which was fantastic.


What GHD have to say,

BEST FOR...Adding shine and gloss while calming static and flyaways; creating a polished salon-style finish; giving light definition to curls and waves. 
 TO USE... Mist over your finished style from 30cm. 
STYLE TIP... For an even lighter touch, spray on your brush or hands and then work through hair.

Just use as advise and your left with just a lovely glossy* finish to your hair - simple.

*just don't spray to close or you can end up looking a bit greasy and not the desired glossy!

Overall I think it's a lovely set which would make a great gift for someone.  At £39.99 it's a little steeper than  I would like but it is a great set for a GHD/Straightener addict.

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