Thursday, 31 May 2012

Marie Claire Ciate Freebies

With the July Issue of Marie Claire (out 31 May 2012) you have a choice of 3 lovely Ciate polishes free - a lilac (Purple Sherbet), a bright pink (Jelly Bean) or my old favourite of a dirty/pink/lilac/nude colour (really need to find a new description!).

So no surprise here really - I went with the nude shade, namely Bon Bon.

It's the perfect summer shade for me such a lovely daytime nude that's perfect for work.  It's the type of shade that works well with everything.  It applies easily and is opaque within 2 coats.

The polishes retail at £9.00 each and the magazine cost £3.70.  


Browns Boutique said...

Great post!..i cant wait to get my hands on these polishes. xxxx

Intrinsically Florrie said...

That looks a really lovely classic shade. I'm really curious about the lilac one too!

Florrie x

Rebekah Wing. said...

that looks so so lovely and I think it's perfect for summer :) really girly!
wish our magazines would have such products in it :(


Enigma said...

I had a look at these but none of them jumped out at me. I got the Benefit freebies with Glamour instead.

Ms Bubu said...

I miss the UK's magazine freebies :( Hopefully the stores still have a few copies when I'm back!

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