Tuesday, 18 May 2010

NYC American Eagle Outfitters Haul - Times Square

Firstly, just let me say this:-

I freaking loved this shop. As much as I would love to be fashionable, really I am a basic tee's and jeans kinda girl. So this place was amazing to me. Graphic tee's for $10!!! Loads of teeny casual shorts, hoodies, flip flops, skinnies (I mean jeans not people).

And the big billboard in front of it!!!

Yes I know, I am easily pleased, but the city I live in isn't much of a city so forgive me.

Anyhooooow!! I didn't go wild because at the end of the day I buy t-shirts all the time haha. And I knew that if I basically bought shed loads of summer clothes I'd regret it because we don't get a summer in the UK!

Here's what I did buy however...
Still not bad. So the tee's were only $10 each!! How good is that, and so far so good - they have retained their shape (unlike some more expensive ones I have purchased in the past!).
The shorts were bought because it was like freaking 80 degrees or something when I got there and was bored of wearing my going out ones haha!! (oh yeah, and then I never wore them cos the sun went in!!).
The jeans were like $30 and the grey top was like $29.50 I think. I lived in that grey top too in NYC in end because it got so windy!!!
Oh! And not to forget the mini roll on perfume at $12 something. LOVE IT. It hasn't left my handbag!!
Oooooo and the best bit?? I have found out that I can purchase online and that they ship to UK (yay!) at ae.com
Happy times...
Giddy P


Make-up Addict said...

Oooh I so want to go on their website now! Lol!!

I love everything you've bought there...and the T's @ $10?? Bargin!

I'd be pretty excited too by the outside of the shop! Lol xx

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Haha I know right!! Get on the website now and make a list for when you go haha!

I am going to put up my other purchases soon too!! Had such a good time! You have to get work to sort it out for you! x

Make-up Addict said...

I can't get on it at the moment, says they'll be right back! Gutted! Lol.

Oh god, I'll definitely be lemming after more things! Lol. Oh I will for sure! xx

PS...glad you had a good time though!

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

You came to NYC cool. Glad you liked it. What else did you do here?

BittersweetKindaNew said...

A LOT of touristy stuff! Haha

I absolutely loved it. Saw statue of liberty, went up to the top of Empire State Building and then loads of other things like china town, little italy, city hall, brooklyn bridge etc etc.

I am defo coming back though, still loads I want to see!

How long have you been there??

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