Monday, 24 May 2010

Update - Soap and Glory Fill Monty! Other uses...

So if you read my previous post reviewing the Fill Monty Facial Wrinkle Filler you will remember that I wasn't wowed when using this as part of my daily skin care routine.

As I mentioned, this could very well be because I was using it for the wrong purposes (under the eyes) and I don't really have wrinkles yet.

However, it did cost £9.00 and therefore I did wish to try and make some use out of it so I have continued using it under the eyes, although that is simply because I haven't yet bought the eye gel I would usually use. However, more interestingly I have also tried it on my lips...

Now I don't know about any of you but I find that my lips can get chapped due to the weather, air con etc. So even though I have been addicted to lip balm since around 8 years old, sometimes they just seem a bit dry and ugly.

I was having this problem the other morning (I blame the 8 hour flight from NYC and lack of sleep thereafter). They were tight and dry and a bit lined unecessarily. The kind of lips that won't take to your lipstick well AT ALL. So I put some of the Fill Monty on, mainly because its moisturising without being oily.

And tadaaa! Smooth lips I had and on went my lippie like a dream. I am now pretty much addicted and have to do this every morning!! The results are really good though as it just ensures that your lipstick doesn't cake or go "bitty" on your lips or gather in the lines etc, which I find some of the drier (and cheaper) ones can do.

So if like me you have purchased the Fill Monty and find that you haven't got much use for it in terms of wrinkles it doubles up well as a lipstick base or primer or even a lip balm!

And I would actually recommend it for this purpose!!

Giddy Princess xxx

P.S. The first review can be found here

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