Thursday, 20 May 2010

Review: Rimmel Pro Nail Varnish in Posh Trash

Sooooo, I used to use this colour all the time, or at least another Rimmel one which looked the same!!

When my old one dried up I decided to re-purchase, as its a really pretty day time nail colour. Nothing too OTT and pretty good on my skin tone. Here's a quick peek at the actual colour on...

Pretty subtle isn't it.
Anyway, what I like about this nail varnish is that this is it after one coat! So its pretty quick to put on too. Plus because of the colour and tone it doesn't show up mistakes as badly as many others.
However, I do have one problem. The "new maxi brush" they have done for "mistake free application" is not good for me at all. I hated it. Personally, as long as the bristles aren't useless I am happy with a normal brush on nail varnishes. This brush I found just made the varnish go on thicker and because it is so wide it's then difficult to spread it accordingly.
That said, its only a cheapy (sorry not sure entirely of price) and its a pretty enough colour so I would still recommend it. I think it's still one of the more "appropriate" colours for the office which is why I like to use it!
Giddy Princess xx

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