Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Diet Coke and Nails Inc....

I was so excited when I heard that Diet Coke where working with Nails Inc and would be releasing limited edition range. I fully admit to being just a little addicted to both of these haha…

SO I’d already picked up Instyle magazine and got one of the free nail polishes – I went for the Candy. So just the thought of more Nails Inc for free was super exciting!

You just need to pick up two bottles of Diet Coke at any Boots and then simply pick your colour – they’ve released 4 shades (Milan – a red shade, London – griege colour, Paris – a deep purple and New York – a vibrant fuchsia pink). I live in Lancaster and work in Preston and both of my stores had them so you should be ok. My sister has even managed to pick one up in her smaller sized store in Bletchley.

I got a little carried away and picked up 3 shades in total – London (haven’t yet tried a griege colour and really wanted to give it a go), Paris and New York. I would point out I didn’t get these all in one go………………... I went back several times instead!!

I’m not really a red person, so I’m not tempted to go back for Milan (only red I own is a 17 collection one in Cherry Red, which I love!)

I’ve only tried the colours our quickly so far (and will post some photos later) and I already love the London, I can definitely see this as one of my everyday colours. The consistency is good – was worried that they may be a bit poor than usual as they were free but I haven’t found that so far.

Anybody else picked these up yet?

L x


Make-up Addict said...

I got the London one yesterday morning and put it on last night - I love it! The consistancy is amazing! Really am surprised.
I'm tempted to go back and pick up a couple of back ups. Lol! xx

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Oh I love the London as well. So don't know why I've never tried a griegey colour before and consistancy is great considering they're freebies.

L x

Make-up Addict said...

Oh me too, definitely want to try more in that colour range.
Yeah, it's really good for a freebie - even better than some nail polishes I've bought! Lol xx

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