Saturday, 29 May 2010

St Moriz - Self Tanning on Olive Skin

Ok, so there is a lot of buzz about this St Moriz in Blogland. I think that was what initially inspired me to use it, and a friend of a friend who was pretty darn brown after using St Moriz.

So I self tan regularly (every other day/couple of days) and have been doing so for almost 10 years. I've tried pretty much all of them. Most of the cheap are horrendous. So I was always paying LOADS to tan.

However since using this product I have never looked back.

St Moriz provides me with the same brown shade as my Fake Bake!! FOR 20 QUID LESS.

I can use it on my face and it doesn't cause me to breakout.
I have used the mousse and the spray. Both provide me with pretty much the same colour. But the mousse is MUCH easier to use. Which explains why I find it hard to source.

  1. Lovely brown toned colour
  2. Goes on natural brown with the ability to build up to a deep brown
  3. DOES NOT STINK OF FAKE TAN AT ALL (seriously, this was another reason for me switching to this product as all others made me smell of curried biscuits the next day and everything. I don't smell of tan at all with this)
  4. Cheap cheap cheap
  5. Doesn't go patchy like some other tans
  6. Doesn't streak when rub in, so you are safe to put it on and leave the house if you need a bit extra glow for the evening say!

  1. Can be drying on the skin
  2. Goes on a little light for my liking
  3. Spray Mist is a little tricky to apply - nozzle not designed for even application and tends to just spray one small area.

I did hope to be able to show you some before and after photo's but they have not come up very well so if I manage to capture some I will add on as an update.

I would recommend this for anyone wanting a natural brown tan that doesn't cost and arm and a leg.

But remember always wear gloves unless you are an expert tanner!!

Giddy Princess xxx


Anonymous said...

I tagged you in a blog love award :-)

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Thank you

L x

samwells87 said...

Hey, I'd not actually heard of this fake tanner, but I'm not often into fake tan. I do like ot have a tan though, and as I'm not going on holiday this year due to saving for a wedding I thought I would try it out.

Bought the mousse from ebya for £4.50 or something and I have tried it out a little today, I didn't want to put too much on in case it came out really dark!

I put some on my face, the fronts of my legs and arms and my tummy, so far I can say I do look a lovely tanned shade, whioch is lucky as this weekend hasn't been as hot as the weather people said it would be!!

Thanks for your helpful blog and I will put more tan on next week and see how that goes!! :)

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