Sunday, 23 May 2010

Forever 21 haul in NYC Soho!!

Soooooo my lovely ladies... Just thought I would give you another post on some more of my NYC purchases!!

I had heard a lot about Forever 21 prior to heading to NYC and had seen their website through a site related to Soho in NYC. So it was one of the stores I was sure I would be heading to before I went.

Sooooo I searched the address and looked it up once me and the boyfy walked into Soho. OMG when I first walked in it was BEDLAM I mean Primark mid afternoon on a Saturday bedlam.!! So I quickly did a U-turn upon seeing the sea of people, the clothes all over the floor and my poor boyfy's face of horror!! We will come back, I said - it was a Saturday after all.

We returned once again on the Monday. And what a difference. It was much much quieter. I mean yes there were a few shoppers in but you could move at least!

So I picked up a shed load of clothes and headed to the fitting room, which was heaving. So I went back upstairs and headed to the other fitting room - but alas it was shut. Given that I had already spent LOADS of time in fitting rooms that day and it was around 6pm, I just dropped the things I wasn't sure about and bought the clothes I pretty much knew would fit. Sometimes, it's just not worth it!!

Plus I wanted to get back to the apartment to get changed for cocktails!!

And here is what I bought...

The full loot - I can't quite remember now but the tops didn't come to more than $10 each I don't think!!

Making use out of one of my purchases on this hot weekend... (glasses £1 primark - and yes, they have the UV kite mark also, so I am protected properly)

The earrings - super cheap $4.80 - sorry that they have all turned upside down!!

The accessories - necklaces around $3 and scarf around $7 -

I so so so love the sunglasses. Yes they are tacky, but hey - your only young(ish) once!!! Plus they look hilarious when I hold them up to my puppy's face because they are the perfect size for him!! Haha. Anyway, I digress...

Whilst we are on the subject of accessories I may aswell show you the little pieces I picked up off a Soho street stall too...

I love picking up things like this because you can't get handmade jewellery like this in my home town. I just loved all the rope jewellery whilst I was there, it's still pretty but yet takes me to my youth when we all wore friendship bracelets. I feel like this is the adult version or something...

They were $10 each and the ring was $15. I love the ring. It literally goes with everything!

So ladies, what do you think of this haul?? You likeeee????
Giddy P xx


Sara.H said...

such a great haul :D i love those earrings ^ ^

SilhouetteScreams said...

The sunglasses necklace is so cute :D I always love the bags they have in the Forever 21 online catalogue

Make-up Addict said...

Love it!!!
Though, you've REALLY made me wanna buy stuff! Haha. Love the top you're wearing, really want one like it xx

BittersweetKindaNew said...

Thanks for the comments girls!

@makeup addict - I know what you mean - everytime I look at this it makes me want to go shopping!!

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