Wednesday, 19 May 2010

NOTD well actually two......

Thought I'd do a quick post showing two of the three Nails Inc and Diet Coke shades I picked up.

(My stepdaughter-to-be wanted to give me a hand showing them off)


The consistency is really good for a freebie and I LOVE the colour!!

Definately an everyday favourite and brillant for summer.


Now this has come out a lot more pinkie in the photo than I would say it looked on.

It is a really nice shade but not one I would go for all that much. I think its because its too much of an 'in between' colour. I would have prefered it too be more purple. However saying that its still really nice just not amazing!



The Beauty Sanctum said...

I love, love LOVE the London one, i'm not sure if the offer is still on though!? ..

Might checkout a larger Boots tomorrow cause I know my 2 smaller local ones aren't participating!


BittersweetKindaNew said...

I was in my bigger Boots today and they still had the stands out. I would definately give it a go.

Such a good offer.

Hope you manage to get some x

roshas said...

i love both of them. especially 'london' wish i bought it when they had the coke offer:(

Laura said...

Ooh Paris is gorge!

Kirsty said...

i love london

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