Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Review: Soap and Glory - Fill Monty Facial Wrinkle Filler

So one of my beauty purchases yesterday was this...

I had intended to purchase the eye gel they do because I do really like that, however I left it in NYC so I had been using Boots cheapy eye cream only (which incidentally is good, but I get puffy eyes because they are so darn sensitive so the eye gel really helps).

Anyway, firstly I picked up the eye gel which was on offer and had like a £1 off or something in Boots. But next to it there was the "You won't believe your eyes illuminating serum"... Well I am always one to be tempted by something new and it did look quite nice so in the basket it went, and out went the eye gel.

Then I dragged L and myself over to the other Soap and Glory section "just incase" there was anything else. And that was where I spotted the Fill Monty Facial Wrinkle Filler. Now I read the description which says

"Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just seconds after application!
An instant wrinkle filler engineered with Virtual Retouching Technology™, a blend of wrinkle-baffling spheres and skin moisturising magnets"

Yeah right! I thought to myself and put some on a crease on the palm of my hand. "Woah!" L said when I showed her that it had practically dissapeared!! Maybe it does work I thought and out went the illuminating serum and in went the wrinkle filler into my basket.

Ooooo goody I thought. This is perfect! Especially because my eyes are looking pretty tired this week due to the jet lag and max of 4 hours sleep I have been getting. Now I am (only) early(ish) 20's so I am not heavily wrinkled (yet). However, as I said I have very sensitive eye lids and eye balls haha!! So this has resulted in me getting little fine lines under the eyes due to my furiously rubbing off like 80 layers of mascara each night. So when I came to do the usual routine this morning I though oooooo I am going to have no lines AT ALL ladies!! Excited!? Very.

So you can imagine how dissapointed I was when my eyes looked pretty much the same!!! Yes, it didnt bleeding work!! All it served to do was act as a normal hydrating eye cream. Well I am sorry but my freaking moisturiser can do that!

So yes, I feel a little conned! After all the promise of hope and linefree eyes yesterday I have come to the conclusion that it must work because of what that crease was like - but it must only work on REAL wrinkles, I mean lines (I feel bad saying wrinkles - makes me think of the witch in Snow White, anyway it's their word not mine). I don't think that it is designed for fine lines, or infact under the eyes because it was quite thick. And after all it says its a Facial Wrinkle Filler so I have to blame myself haha!

Would I recommend?? No, I would say try it if you want to smooth out deeper set lines on the face because it probably would be sort of effective and for something like that it is cheap. But if you have relatively young looking skin I would say that it's not worth it because I wasted like £9!!

I wonder has anyone else used this?? Or the Soap and Glory You Won't Believe Your Eyes serum?? If so, what were your thoughts? I will go and purchase the eye gel again for now but I do fancy the serum too!

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