Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Market Kitchen

Now this isn't really a beauty post but I've got to share my excitement........

Not only am I addicted to makeup and beauty products, but I also love baking!! I love making cupcaks, muffins, biscuits and cookies. Not so great with the whole meal thing but what can you do.

Well anyway back today - I'm off to be a diner in Market Kitchen. I know its a little geeky but I'm so excited!!! We already know that our presenters are Tom Parker Bowles (yep stepson to Prince Charles haha) and Matthew Fort and our chef is Jason Atherton of Gordon Ramsey's Maze. A little gutted not to meet the other presenters - Matt Tebbutt and Rachel Allen. Sooo have a huge cruch on Matt Tebbutt and Rachel Allen is my favourite cook.
So I know this is the usual post but just couldn't help it haha
L x

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