Friday, 25 May 2012

Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream

So we've already showed you the Gentle Buffing Cleanser from this range and today we've got a review of the the Omorovicza Reviving Eye Cream.

Firstly I love the packaging its very and elegant. Definitely looks expensive. Also love the fact that it has a push dispenser. Not only hygienic, but you get the perfect amount to apply between both eyes!

I gently pat this around both of my eyes morning and night. It's lovely and cooling once applied - perfect for both tired eyes in the morning and night. The cream itself is more gel like in texture with a slight scent (it's has a very natural sort of smell to it) and soaks in easily.

I particular wanted to try this to tackle my dark circles and given the statements on the website I was hoping for some difference,

"Stress, fatigue and environmental factors can all take their toll on the delicate eye area. This reviving cream helps plump and firm the eye contour, while refreshing tired eyes, reducing puffiness and eliminating dark circles"

It contains Arnica to reduce the puffiness, Vitamin K to diminshes dark circles, Cucumber Extract to soothe and refresh, Hazelnut Peptide to firms and plumps.

Well I'm not going to say I was disappointed as seriously this is the best eye cream I've tired. Hands down it beats the pricey £200 pound I've tried from La Prairie. But I didn't really notice that much difference with my dark circles. Overall my eye area was hydrated, refreshed and a little firmer.  Also it definitely helped to wake me up in the morning but I just can't say it did much for my dark circles. Although I do think I'm a bit crazy thinking that there is some wonder product out - sleep is what I need!. 

At £67.00 it's a slightly steep for 15ml, but it you feel like it works for you and a little goes a very long way!

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