Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mascara SOS

As the title suggests I need your help please!

I am in desperate need of a nice Brown Mascara, my eyelashes are blond and on the verge of see through so it can't be brown/black (it'll just be too dark). I have recently had my eyebrows tinted, which you can see here at the Benefit Bella Bamba Event so I especially need to get one I am happy with! I am going to look to get my eyelashes tinted in the near future but I am just a bit nervous.

I currently use a Collection Mascara in Brown or a Just for Redhead Ultresse Mascara in Ginger Cocoa. But I am not completely happy with either of these so I wanted to reach out and ask you guys which you would suggest. The Collection 2000 Mascara's formula is not that great and the brush is poor and the Just for Redheads mascara is a little too pale. I do have a Clinique Lash Power Long Wearing Mascara in Dark Chocolate, I do like the colour but it's a nightmare to get off my eyes.

Below are some options I have been looking at, as you can see I am totally lost;

My main options are:

  1. The Body Shop Super Volume £10.00
  2. TBS Divide and Multiple Mascara £10.00
  3. TBS Define & Lengthen Mascara £10.00
  4. TBS Waterproof Mascara £10.00
  5. JK Jemma Kidd Tailored Eyes Defining Mascara £10.25
  6. Topshop Mascara in Bitter Chocolate £8.00
  7. Benefit Bad Gal Brown £16.50
  8. BareMinerals Flawless Definition £16.00
  9. KorresColour Volumising & Conditioning Mascara currently £10 on
  10. RMK Separate Curl Mascara £18.45
  11. Illamasque Mascara £15.00
  12. MAC Studio Fix Lash £13.50
  13. MAC Mascara X £13.50

If anyone has tried any of the above Mascara's please could you let me know how you have got on with it and whether it is worth a try, we would both really appreciate it!


Lucy said...

I'd definitely recommend bad gal if you want your lashes to be thicker as its an awesome mascara for that (I have it in black so I don't know if the brown formula is the same.)
Also I have a sample size of The Body Shop one which I love.

As for ones you haven't mentioned, my current favourite is actually Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara. I have quite short, sparse lashes and it really is a contender for my beloved Loreal Telescopic.It thickens my lashes as well as lengthens which is pretty hard to find.I'm not sure if it comes in Brown though.
I sound like a mascara freak!! ahah
I hope that helps.


Rainbows and Buttons

ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

Badgal is fantastic for volume. The brush is massive and gives me really fluffy, natural looking lashes that doesn't clump.

Similar to Badgal is the Too Faced lash injection but just smells nicer. However, I'm unsure if it's available in black.

If you're looking to save a lil' bit of cash, I would recommend the No 7 mascaras too (esp. if you use the vouchers).

I find the lash extension one gives me natural, elongated lashes since the brush makes it difficult to pile and clump the strands together. A big more similar to the Badgal (ie. for volume) is the 360 degrees one. Again, not sure if they're available in colours other than black, but formula/application-wise, I definitely recommend them.

Good look on your hunt!

Monika said...

My favourite mascara at the moment is L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara. It makes my lashes look naturally long and thick nicely separated with no clumps.
I'm using the Extra Black but you can also purchase it in standard Black and Brown :)
Although it stays on from early morning till night it's easy to remove before bedtime :)
Another plus - it doesn't dry out as quick as other mascaras - I have mine for nearly 2 months now and it's still like new!
You can buy it in Boots and Superdrug for £8.29.

Good luck on finding your favourite mascara!

Kirsty T said...

Thank you for your comments, suggestions and help!!!

@Lucy - I am really tempted by Badgal (I love Benefit), I will take a look at Rimmel and L'oreal

@ShimmerDreamz - thanks for the comment, I picked up No7 Volume Mascara today in Brown (only version available in brown) can't wait to try it. Really want Badgal but I will look at Too faced as well

@Monika - thanks for the suggestions I will take a look at L'oreal - the fact it doesn't dry out sounds good!

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