Thursday, 13 January 2011

Models own in Magenta Bargain

ASOS have currently got a fantastic Sale going on in their Beauty department which you can check it out here. And when I spotted this models own set I couldn't resist buying it (along with some other little bits...naughty!)

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The set is currently £2.50 and contains Models Own 6 sided nail buffer and choice of two nail polish..I decided to get the set in Magenta but you can also get it in Champagne (which I already own). I think this set is a real bargain for the price as the nail polishes alone retail at £5.

The picture above it with two coats on and applied messily by me sorry! I love the colours is such a great pink and who doesn't love a bit of glitter! I wouldn't necessarily wear this on my finger nails as it would take a good 3/4 coats for me to be happy but I would wear it over a pink polish so I didn't have to do as many coats. I am tempted to put this on my toes later!

But I was also inspired by Fee from Make-up Savvy to try some nail art, now I am not one for nail art myself and I am not creative at all but Fee posted a tweet of a nail art she had done and I loved it. So why not at least try doing graduated glitter!

I have used Fearne Cottons Fuchsia Pink on right and Barbara Daly Very Violet, I know they look lame attempts but I am quite pleased with the fuchsia pink. I am even going to try it for a night out I have planned soon.

Have you splurged in the Sales? Are you a nail art fan?


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Lizzy said...

what! I just bought the single glitter magenta for £3.50 from asos. I didn't see this set :( It must of sold out now because I still can't find it :/

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