Thursday, 13 January 2011

LOTD - Collection 2000

Hello, I have a little Lip of the Day for you today featuring a two bargain items. The LOTD was with my Collection 2000 Crystal Gloss lipstick in no4 Mink Crystal, I previously mentioned the Crystal Gloss Lipsticks they retail at £2.49 which is a bargain and I already have Latte Crystal. The other item is a pale barbie pink lip gloss from Boots, it came in a gift set with a mirror and was £3.50 in the Boots Sale.

I don't really like mink crystal on it own but I love it with the lip gloss over the top, but I will wear the gloss on its own. I really like the two together and it fits into my category of pearly pinks colours.

I also wanted to show you the mirror that came with the Boots lip gloss, its even got a light at the end so perfect for a night out (not that I go very often anymore).

I wouldn't have normally picked the gloss up at originally the set was £7.00 but with it being half price in sale I am really pleased with it, especially as the mirror is a great handbag accessory!

Have you had any good sale items?



*Zoe* said...

That mirror is great!
Excellent blog.
Zoe x
Please take a look at my blog-

Marie said...

I think the combination of the lip products create a natural rosy color. I like it.:D

That mirror is neat!:D

***** Marie *****

Kirsty T said...

thanks for the comments, I love the little mirror its soooo handy

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