Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New George at Asda Make-up


Well guess what I spotted when I was doing my food shopping on Saturday morning....some new lines in the George Make-up range. My first though was to have a look and see what additions they had made but all I could notice was that they had slightly ripped off Benefit Cosmetics.
The new items that I could see first were two new shades to there Matt Finish nail polish, in a pink and red. I am still not a convert to matt nail polish, so far I have a black but haven't really used it.

Then I spotted that they had released a tinted moisturiser which reminded me of You Rebel (especially the packaging shape). They have also released two cheek tints (dupes of Posietint and Benetint) and a highlighter (High Beam)

Then I noticed the lipglosses, which are dupe for the Benefit lip glosses, these retail at £3.75 and come in 11 shades. I actually picked up two shades in Grrrrr and Pucker Up. Both apply well, are pigmented and none sticky. But the first thing I noticed is that Pucker Up (bottom pic) is a complete dupe for Benefit Nookie Nookie.

I really like the lipglosses and at the price I would be tempted to pick some more up! My only gripe is the smell, why do cheap beauty products need to smell ELF has managed to make lipglosses that don't smell for £3 why can't everyone else!
All of these items were on promotion when I saw them and though I have never been tempted by another cheek tint (I am loyal to me Benetint). For the the fact these are retailing at £2.50 I am tempted, even just to have as some spares.
Has anyone spotted these dupes in Asda? Has anyone tried them yet?


Real Simple Beauty said...

I'm definitely going to have to have a look for this range the next time I'm in Asda. Hopefully I'll find something fab for a cheap price! Great post.


Vintage Makeup said...

I want to try the lip glosses!

Kristie said...

Both colors look lovely on you. I have to agree with the fragrance gripe. Some brands put so much fragrance into their lipsticks/lipglosses that it's off putting. Great post.

Sophie P said...

It looks great! Quality is always so so so important though so it depends on what you want really. I miss Asda so much! Reminds me of being a student! XX

Kirsty T said...

Thank you for the comments x

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