Monday, 28 February 2011

17 Spring Collection Goodies


Well I am sure you have all seen the press releases for the new 17 Spring Collection, so I wanted to show you 3 items I got from the new lines. These were even better as Boots are also running 3 for 2 on all the 17 range.
The items I got were Lasting Finishing Fix Polish in Forever, 17 Blusher in Sweet Kiss and 17 Limited Edition Vintage Love Palette in Metallic Nudes. Firstly I'll show you the palette, you could choose between the Pretty Pastels and the Metallic nudes. I choose the Metallic Nude which retails at £5.49 and contains 6 velvety metallic shades, I am not a pastel kind of girl!
The eyeshadow are really pigmented and all have the metallic finish, I also think the palette looks great, all in all it is a lovely little palette to add into my collection. But the downside for me is that the majority of the shades lean towards a rust colour which doesn't seem to suit my skin colour that much. I think I will mainly use shade 1, 2 and 6. Which is a shame as this palette is good value for money.
The next item I got was from the Lasting Fix nail varnishes in a new shade called forever, these retail at £2.99 and come in about 6 shades (I may need to get all 6 colours).
I really fancied this colour as it looked a slightly warmer pinkier nude tone, and and so far I do like it. It took three coats in the above picture but I still wasn't completely happy with the finish.
Lastly as it was 3 for 2 I quickly picked up the Blusher in Sweet Kiss, which was £3.49. I am soooo glad I picked this up, its a perfect shade for me and its a gorgeous soft pink with a slight gold shimmer and I have found its buildable.
It actual slightly reminds me of a paler version a Sleek Rose Gold, its really lovely.
All in all I like the new Spring Collection and will be off to take a look at some of the other bits!


xDiamondsandPearlsx said...

That palette is so cute. Think I need that for my dresser :)

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

The nail polish looks gorgeous!

Maggie said...

Aw that nail colour is amazing! I think the range looks really pretty and the colours suit me to a T... I just need to be paid now :(


Sarah said...

That palette really is just so cute, I love how they've designed it instead of boring squares or circles.

Sarah x

Rachael said...

I finally got my paws on the nude toned compact today too - its almost too pretty to use :) Wish I got that polish too - its gorge!

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