Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Another Heads Up!! £5 off Boots No7 Vouchers are back...

Yes they are back, I got my first one today and I've already been looking at what to get!

So how these work:
Everytime you spend over £5 you will receive one of the vouchers, and they are valid until the 27th March. The voucher will entitle you to get £5 off No7 or Ruby & Millie.

These last ran in January and I actually got quite a few items which you can see here . This time I am going to get a couple more nail polishes and some of the make-up brushes. Their brush range seems to have a wide array to choose from, which you can see here , and work out to a bargain with the voucher.

Are you going to get anything with the vouchers? Any recommendations?



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*Zoe* said...

Ooh thanks for the heads up!
Zoe x
Please take a look at my blog, Diamond Solitaire, here!

xDiamondsandPearlsx said...

already lol! they only ran out on the 31st hehe. Not complaining mind :) x

R. said...

I love love love these vouchers!


Ms Bubu said...

Don't know what I'll take this time but the last two times I took brushes, Ruby and Millie and No7 as well.

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