Friday, 4 February 2011

Some No7 Lovelies

Hey, we're at 500 followers (well 505 now!)

Firstly just want to say a huge thank you to all our followers, can't believe people actually want to read our blog!


Keep your eyes pealed for a giveaway coming soon!

Thanks again!

Now when No7 were running their £5 off vouchers I ended up buying quite a few bits from the range. I mentioned a couple of purchases previously here. But I then went and got some more bits...oops!

I had seen Beanie mentioned on a couple of Blogs and instantly knew I would love it. It is from the Speed Dry range and cost me £2 (normally £7) with the voucher. I really like this nail polish, the colour is great and it does dry quicker than my other no7 nail polishes, check out the range here.

The second polish I got is Damson Dream, I fell for this colour as soon as I saw it! I LOVE it! I really like how these polishes apply (no streaks) and last on my nails. My only issue with them is that you really need to make sure you have removed any excess from the brush, I had a drip problem when applying Beanie. But other than that I would get some more when the vouchers are back.

As I have previously mentioned in my Mascara SOS post I am on a hunt for a new one and with having the vouchers it worked out to £6.50 (normally £11.50). ShimmerDreamz commented that I should give the No7 Mascara a go especially as I had a voucher.

I decided on the Intense Volume Mascara purely as that was the only one they did in Brown (all the others were Brown/Black - which is too dark for me). So far I am liking the Mascara, I wouldn't say I notice the intense volume but it does separate my lashes and doesn't clump or make my eyelashes feel heavy. I will update as I continue to use it.

Boots are now doing a £5 off ladies face care voucher, so far I haven't used this yet and I'm not sure what to get with it. The voucher is valid to 22nd February and can be redeemed against - L'Oreal (Revitalift, Derma Genesis, Wrinkle Decrease Collagen, age Perfect, Age Re-Perfect),, Olay (Regenerist, Definity, Total Effects Facial), Sanctuary Spa Facial skincare, Time Delay, Dr Nick Lowe, RoC (Complete Lift, Hdyra+, Multi Correction, Retino, Wrinkle Correction), Good Skin Labs. I might take a nosey to get my mum some nice skincare for Mother's Day.

Did you use up your No 7 vouchers? Have you got any suggestion for the face care voucher?



Anonymous said...

Oh I missed out on those nail varnishes they look so good, especially Damson Dream. The last time they did the skin care voucher I brought a Olay Total Effects (I think) Warming Face Scrub that is really good. I have almost finished it and it was only £7 so I got it for £2 with the voucher! I wonder if they still do them x x x

Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Wow wow wow, Damson Dream is gorgeous! *Drools* My Boots NEVER seem to give out the £5 No.7/ Ruby & Millie vouchers when every other Boots store is. They seems to be far more random with them!

Congrats on all of your followers :D

ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

Just registered for the sample in the next post - hopefully I'll get one!

Glad you like the mascara. As for the face care vouchers...I've 3 sitting and rotting away on my desk. Nick Lowe and Sanctuary would be my choices (the NL blemish gel and Sanctuary facial oil) but how fast can one person use it all up?

Let me know what you decide to get and review it!

beano54 said...

well done on your 500 followers, you have Fab blog!!
I like the beige colour nail varnish, will check this out.
boots have clicked on to the fact that people stock up on wipes, cleansers etc but now on the latest vouchers you cannot buy them anymore.
i am fed up of the same brands all the time, why don't they change them, they have so many brands
hope you do not mind my rant lol

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