Thursday, 17 February 2011

Yummy N-Spa Goodies

I've got some yummy treats to share with you today! These yummy treats are courtesy of N-Spa, the range is actually from Nirvana Spa in Wokingham. They do a whole range of yummy fruity and rich products as well as a more professional range which you can check out here. I actually got mine from our local Asda and everytime I see the range I want to buy more and more. But the two I want to show you today are Angel Cake Bath Melt and Hot Butter Fudge Sugar Scrub.
First up is Angel Cake Bath melt, this retails at £5.00 for 350ml and comes is the lovely kiln jar which is nice for the bathroom. This is amazing and I am on my second jar since Christmas! I actually love it more than Lush Snow Fairy (Yes you heard me).
I adore the sweet cakey smell of this melt and I love the packaging as it looks nice and the side of my bath. As the name suggests it is more of a melt than a liquid to just pour into the bath.
But it is very easy to pop into the bath, I tend to grab a blob and run it under the tap and then make sure its all dissolve by doing a quick swish. I now use this in most baths (I have another bath item to introduce you to in another post soon), its gorgeous in the bath but not as overpowering as Snow Fairy. Also for the price you get a good amount as it has taken me and the little one around 6 weeks to use the first one up.
This is a must have for me and also great for those who are running out of Sow Fairy, you can buy online or instore at Asda.
The second item is the Hot Butter Fudge Sugar Scrub, which also retails at £5.00 for ml and also comes in a nice kiln jar. First thing I will say about this is that it smells super sweet and stick, the scrub a lovely and thick but applies easily.
Again I like the product but the above image is of the jar I received at Christmas, and so far I have not used all that much up. The problem I have is that I also receive the big Soap & Glory box at Christmas so I have two scrubs that came in that set as well. The scrub is nice except I don't tend to use them that often, though I will say I prefer this one over my Soap & Glory Scrub 'em and leave 'em as it doesn't tend to leave any residue on my skin after I have used it.

L is also a fan of this range and did receive a mini gift set that Asda had had Christmas.
Have you tried any of the range? any recommendations?


Jude said...

Morning Kirsty, Lovely review, just a quick question about the Angel Melt, does it bubble up in the bath or is more of softener, I really like the sound of it but I prefer a bath with bubbles. Jude xx @jadlgw

The Girlie Blog said...

Very nice products. Looks like you are having a good time pampering yourself!

Miss A said...

Yum, they sound delicious. I loooove sweet smelling bath products/shower gels/body creams so will check them out next time I'm in Asda.
Thanks for this post!

Cassie said...

Use everything in rotation and you'll finish them up in time for a big X-mas haul at the end of the year!

The bubble bath range is good - Mum used them up so quickly, although I did find it a bit liquidy and had to pour tons in. Normally I prefer the creamier types, rather like the melt above which I must try next time I go home.

Also, I'v haul post from Cherry Culture that I would love for you to check out please!

Cassie x

G A B Y said...

Interesting! I wish this brand was available in Quebec )=

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