Friday, 18 February 2011

George Nail polish in Mysterious (42) NOTD


I had to do a quick post on another gorgeous bargain from George at Asda. On this blog we are both massive fans of high street make-up brand and when I spotted that they had their nail varnishes back down to a £1 I decided to pick up Mysterious.

I think these nail varnishes are quick value for money, they normally retail at £1.50 but occasionally they put them on offer for £1. Even at £1.50 these are great value for money and are much better than the MUA range at Superdrug. We have mentioned some other colours here and here.

This time it was Mysterious that caught my eye, its a great violet shade that has a lovely shimmer to it (it has very tiny pieces of glitter that help to make it sparkle).
I loved how you could pick up turquoise, silver and blue in the bottle and it didn't disapooint was applied, below is taken with 2 coats.
For me this is another great beautiful nail varnish and a total bargain!
It seems we are not the only ones that are drawn to these nail varnishes, check out some other swatches in the blog world at:
Make-up Savvy here, here , here and here
Have you tried any? Are you a fan?


Miss A said...

I should def. try George's nail varnishes. Have also heard their make up is quite good.. Will check it all out when next in Asda.
The colour looks very pretty


Rachael said...

I picked up one of their matte finish polishes for the first time yesterday and can't believe how fab it is although my swatches haven't really donr it justice :-\ Got mine for £1 too - yey!

Enigma said...

I got the yellow one for nail art, but this one is actually wearable on its own! Have to check it out! x

Anonymous said...

Very cute colour I am going to have check them out, I even went to Asda today and I didnt looK! Another excuse to go back x x x

Hannah said...

I have to get this colour now. George do one called Indigo Dazzle which is a bit darker.

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