Wednesday, 9 February 2011



If you are like me you have probably been having a good look at the ASOS Beauty Sale, if not you can see more of it here. I have been picking up odd bits here and there, especially as there seems to be some really good bargains. When I was looking on the website recently I decided to get some Anatomical items that were in the Sale, you can check out the items they still have here.

I really like Anatomical, mostly because of the funny names and details on here packaging. One of their shower gels is called 'You need a blooming Shower' and their eye gel is 'No Old bags allowed eye gel' and you have 'Snog me senseless mints'. Check out some of their products here.

The first thing I got was 'The sleek shall inherit the earth conditioner', the packaging is crazy going on about how any prospective dictators showed use it etc. I managed to pick this up for roughly £2.50 for 250ml.
This conditioner is lovely to use and smells nice, so for the price it is not bad at all. I wouldn't say it leaves my hair feeling amazing, it's not something I would rave about. My hair does feel soft after using it and it doesn't feel heavy, but my hair is naturally dry and this conditioner does not do much to improve this. I am going to continue to use it and see how I get on.

The second item I got was a lip balm 'stop cracking up', this is a clear liquid lip balm that doesn't have any over powering scent and applies nicely.
Again I like the packaging and I like how it applies but it is nothing to shout home about. So far (I have been using it for a week) I have not noticed any great improvement in my lips, but I will keep trying it.
Have you tried any Anatomical?

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G A B Y said...

The lipbalm packaging is cool!

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