Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lush Facial Range


Just a quick post today!

I am suppose to be cutting back on my spending on everything not just beauty products. But I am having terrible problems with my skin recently its AWFUL, I have combination skin and at the moment I can't seem to keep it happy. I am either suffering with dry patches or a breakout, so I having been trying out and buying some new bits to help solve my skin issues.

So I wanted to show you 3 new products that I recently purchased from Lush (I would link you to the website but its is still down after being hacked). I picked up Angels on Bare Skin, Breath of Fresh Air Toner and Vanishing Cream.

So the first item that caught my eye was the Breath of Fresh Air Toner, L has previously mentioned this toner which you can see here. This retails at £3.45 for 100ml (though it does come in 250g). What Lush say;

'We've taken seaside refreshment and bottled it up just for those who like a cooling walk by the waves. Brimming with seaweed absolute and carrageenan to soften, real sea water to rehydrate dry skin. There's also aloe vera gel to ease dry skin conditions that might be causing you grief.'

This seemed right up my street and exactly what I am looking at.

The second item I was after was the Vanishing cream, which retails at £15.95 for 45g. The first thing I have to say about this is that to me this seems expensive, but I will give it a go. Lush says;

'We've just taken lavender to balance, soothing honey and neroli to brighten and blended them into our lightest cream ever. It sinks in ever so easily and keeps breakout-prone skin hydrated and nourished with our being heavy'

Again this sounded like something I was looking for.

Lastly I got Angels on Bare Skin, which retails at £5.80 for 100g. Now I was actually after Lush's 9 to 5 cleanser but after talking to the helpful shop assistant I decided to give this a go, what Lush say

'Our heavenly lavender roll is a best-seller; once you've used it you'll know why. We've taken a medieval recipe and blended ground almonds to gently scrub, with china clay to deeply cleanse. Generous helpings of rose and lavender oils do their magic balancing and soothing your skin. No matter how naughty you are, wash with this and your face will look simply angelic.'

As per my previous two purchases this sounded like something I needed to try.

I am really looking forward to give these a go and I am hoping they sort my skin out. I will update you shortly on how I am getting on with them and mostly important how my skin is coping. My first thoughts on the items though is the smell! I have to say I am not the biggest fan of some of the products in Lush purely for the strong scents, and the Angels on Bare Skin does have a very strong Lavender scent...maybe even a bit overpowering. Hopefully I can get passed it!

Have any of you tried these or any other items from the facial range at Lush?


Rebecca said...

These sound good- I look forward to hearing what you think of them!

Miss A said...

I've used a couple of Lush moisturisers but unfortunately they've broken me out. But hey, my skin is megasensitive so it's no surprise.
Love their Tea Tree Water though - great for my spot prone sensitive skin.

BeautyH2T said...

the angels on bare skin is superb, looking forward to hearing what you think of it all xxx

Ms Bubu said...

I have tried the Ocean Salt (scrub) and I quite like it. Might be too harsh on sensitive skin though.

mama_lana said...

LUSH in general is fantastic: great concept (fresh, handmade, cruelty-free beauty products), even greater execution. ocean salt is a great exfoliant, maybe a bit too harsh for every day use unless you have pretty tough skin. 9 to 5 is great, as it's the only one made to remove a full face of make up. sometimes you might have to go over the eyes with a q-tip to get rid of bits of eyeliner, but it just as effective as the old fashioned pond's cold cream without being as greasy. i currently use enzymion moisturizer, which is great for controlling acne, but i've been thinking about switching to imperialis, which is better for sensitive skin. i'm also pretty pumped to try jackie oates, but i'll need to wait for the next time i have a plethora of money before i do so. =)

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