Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wedding Makeup

In case you didn't already know - although I've already mentioned it a few times. I'm getting married on 4 June 2011 - that's 5 weeks on Saturday.

Can't believe how close it is now.

So on the day I've decided to do my own makeup. We're on a budget and I can't justify the cost of a Makeup Artist and if I'm honest I know how I like to wear my makeup and as I'm quite pale - I know what works and what doesn't.

I'm feeling ok about my foundation and blusher etc, the difficulty I'm having is deciding on my eye makeup!

I don't want it too dark or too light as I want definition to my eye.

Also I have blond (although should just say white) eyelashes - so it's quite difficult. I only wear mascara on my top lashes so any form of smokey eye is out of the question - also I think that would be a little too much for my wedding makeup.

So the question is - what colour should I go for?

I'm pale, freckly, with red hair and blue eyes. Whenever I wear browns and neutrals it just doesn't do anything for my - I look all one colour if that makes since.

I was debating a pewter/silvery type of look - but still not a 100% sure.

I want to look bright and fresh - any help welcome!


Dαddα said...

maybe a vanilla colour (for not using a total white) with some little glitters in it...
but i'm sure you'll look wonderful :)

makeupattitude said...

Silver-Graphite grey smokey would make a nice contrast with your eye color...or I would recommend trying peachy-pink-coral soft eyes.

LatBeautyAddict said...

@Dadda & @makeupattitude - thanks girls, I like both of them ideas. Going to try out some looks this weekend

Lauren said...

I like the Golds from the Sleek Storm Palette? I did a gold "smokey eye" tutorial (Click here) and it works really well. If you used maybe less of the black round the eyelid it would be good? I'm also really pale but I have green eyes xxxx

Vintage Makeup said...

What about a plum look? :)

Victoria said...

@Lauren - that tutorial is so pretty :)
What about a Mac Satin Taupe type shade that is not too brown, but not as harsh as greys?

Sophie P said...

Champagnes with a soft blend into a light brown colour in the outer part of your eye (not the inner corners if you get my frift). Those colours would work beautifully with your skin tone XX

Kirsty T said...

Thans for all the great comments and I can't wait to help L with her make-up.
@Lauren - thanks for the link.
@victoria- that sounds a good idea, I did use more silver grey for my wedding back in sept but L doesn't tend to wear much eye makeup. So this would be nice.
@Sophie p - this would suit L
@vintage make-up- I love plum but it's not a shade L has tried so thanks for another great suggestion

LatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for all the ideas girls - going to spend this weekend trying out some looks and I'll get them posted


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