Tuesday, 21 June 2011

George nail polish dupe


This is actually a weird dupe to feature as both nail polishes retail at under £5. The nail polishes in question are George Smarty Pants (£1.75 Asda) and Mavala Lagoon (£4.10 John Lewis) both are 5ml bottles.
This is actually my first Maval nail polish but as you are probably aware I have quite a few George colours now. I just couldn't belive how identical these two colours were, its really har to tell the difference even from the bottle, though harder from the swatches below.

I applied two coats of each for the swatches yet the Mavala polish did apply nicer. I think the George colour is a slightly brighter shade on the nails (on the left). What do you think?

Both will get good use this summer as I really like the colour, though I was hoping the Mavala polish was a bit paler than the George colour when I got it. But I could get away with one coat of the Mavala colour to make it a bit more wearable on my finger nails!

I think both brands are value for money and I am now hoping to get more Mavala shades...especially as the little bottles are sooooo cute. If you are a Mavala fan what shades do you recommend?



*Zoe* said...

I have loads of Mavala polishes but Lagoon is definitely one of my favourites. I also love Milky which is a coral / peach colour and my absolute favourite is Minsk xx

Vintage Makeup said...

They both look great! They're very similar :)

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