Sunday, 12 June 2011

Round-up of the Week


I hope everyone is had a lovely week and is having a lovely weekend!

L has been enjoying her first week of Marriage and had a lovely 1 week anniversary yesterday :).

My little family went off to our annual Carnival in Bletchley so Livvie could see her little friend in the parade.

The both of us are starting to plan our Mum's (aka Ned) birthday...she will be 50 this year! We are trying to make sure she will have a great one!! But before that I still have my Hubby's niece and nephews, mine and L's birthday and my little one's 3rd birthday. June and July are very busy months for me!!!

This week on the blog we've had:

What have you got up to this week


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Vintage Makeup said...

Hope you gals had a nice weekend! :)

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