Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Beauty Storage Part 3


This is the third and final part of my Beauty Storage series, you can see the previous posts here.

This part of the series is about how I store all my essential bathroom items such as shampoo, shower gel and the little ones stuff. To store all of this (and there's a lot) I have two black basket units from Argos.
They each have 4 drawers and are available at Argos for £19.99, they are available in four colours (Black, Apple Green, Ocean Blue and Super White). I have them sat either side of my sink so it makes everything easy to get at. We have divided the toiletries in the bathroom between these draws, spilt out by mine, Hubby's and the little ones.

I love these units for the price and make my bathroom a lot more clutter free...

Do you have a favourite way to store your beauty products?



Ms Bubu said...

I think this is nice. I usually don't like bottles of shampoo on display, they are not really attractive!

For the time being, we have a little cupboard that keeps everything in. (Starting to look like a mess, sadly :()

Anonymous said...

Your lucky that you've got a place to put your bathroom stuff. Mine is downstairs near the kitchen and it's teeny tiny with no room for anything. :(

Vintage Makeup said...

I like to store mine in a cute box! I have a pink & purple box with a shoe & dress design on it, it's really cute & nice storage. :)

I like your storage as well.

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