Wednesday, 15 December 2010

NOTD - Rimmel Strawberry Fizz

So just a quick one really.

Been seeing a few girls posting pale pink nails - I really wanted to give it a go for winter. Seriously need a pick me up at the moment. How depressing is it?? - weather sucks and works is just slightly mental!

Anyway, its shameful to say but I don't own a pale pink nail varnish I actually like. I've got a few Nails Inc that were freebies - but their just not right.

So I raided the step-daughters nail polish collection (its actually bigger than mine - how did that happen?????)

And this is what I found,

Its Rimmel Fruity Scented Lasting Finish polish in Strawberry Fizz - what a mouth full.

I really like the colour as its not too pastel and a bit more bright. I had to give it a third coat as it still looked a bit streaky after two. After that I got a nice opaque finish. I actually find Rimmel Polishes easy to apply as the brush is a little wider than normal.

And the extra little treat - it smells of strawberry. Well ok I'm not quite sure its a very strawberry smell - its a very fake strawberry smell. Ok I know its only a nail polish, so what was I really expecting but you know, you always get an idea in your head.

Oh and it only smells once dry - just smells like regular nail polish otherwise!



Sara.H said...

Its such a pretty color ^ ^ love it

nicoletta said...

really pretty colour, you can't go wrong with a girly pink xx

Georgia said...

hiya I tagged you over on my blog :) xxx

Steph said...

thats so random to think that it smells like strawbs! i can't imagine it! I dont really suit pinks, much prefer depper tones :) xx

LatBeautyAddict said...

Thanks for the comments girlies!

@sara.H & @nicoletta - it is such a great colour on - love it!

@steph - to be honest it just smells weird to me. Its reminds me of something but just can't think what! its definitely a very fake strawberry smell

@georgia - thanks x

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