Tuesday, 14 December 2010

ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Pink Kiss & Goddess

As I am currently waiting for an ELF order (I ordered it two weeks ago and it is still not here!) I thought I would show you two of their Super Glossy Lips shines that I have already. Mine are in Goddess and Pink Kiss, and you can get them in 10 shades currently which you can see here and they are £1.50 each.

l-r Goddess and Pink Kiss

When I first decided to try these out I looked on google for some swatches and reviews. Now I managed to find lots of images for swatches but the reviews I found were half bad and half good, but for £1.50 I thought I would try them anyway.

The colour of these is great, they are really pigmented and have a good shimmer to them, and the packing makes them really easy to apply! They also are SPF15 so great for the summer.

They are suppose to be scented and the ELF website states Grape Vanilla but I have to say I am not convinced what they smell of! But as with other ELF lip products I am not a fan, smells a bit like plastic!

But my main gripe with these is that I find them a bit sticky, I find they are similar on my lips as my Lancome Juicy Tubes (my hair will get stuck to my lips in the wind.....which is not a good look!). These are slightly better than my Juicy Tubes though and for £1.50 I would give them a go as the colours come out great and I will probably just put some none sticky clear gloss over them.

Overall I do like the lipglosses but I don't think I will be rushing to get anymore as the smell and the tacky feel on my lips has put me off.
Have you tried these?


The Girlie Blog said...

No I never tried them, but I actually really want to. Even if they are sticky.

With Love, Elle said...

i wanna try elf! wow thats a great bargain! im using burts bees spf lipbalm now, it taste really yummy too but it aint a lippy gloss!

xoxo elle

..R May A.. said...

these look so pretty :)
I haven't tried their lipglosses but I might give them a go!! x

Kirsty T said...

Thanks for the comments! For £1.50 they are worth a try

Ms Bubu said...

I managed to place an order on their Cyber monday sale, and have it shipped at my parents address in Canada! Since Im going for the holidays and its even cheaper that way! My mum told me the package has arrived, so I cant wait to try my ELF products now!

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