Thursday, 2 December 2010

Benefit Erase Paste - Rediscovered....

So I'm slightly strange and have a weird addiction to Concealer - I regularly use around 4 in the morning to give me the coverage I need for dark circles, redness and blemishes. You can read about the ones I've been using here.

Recently I've been mainly using high street brands and even though I use quite a few in the morning ;) I just haven't been getting the coverage and staying power I've really been looking for.

A few years ago I used to use Benefit Erase Paste after K raved about it! But when it ran out I didn't re-purchase due to the price. You get currently get the Erase Paster for £18.50 from Boots, Debenhams or Asos. I was adamant that I could find a product that was just as good but for a fraction of the price - £18.50 felt like a lot for a concealer.

Anyway I recently re-purchased/re-discovered this little gem after my sisters wedding. She used the concealer as part of her makeup on the day and she looked

As you can see it comes in a little pot and comes in Light, Medium and Dark - I use the Light. It also comes with a cute little spatula (awesome as you can avoid the whole messy finger in the jar thing - but I couldn't find it to photography sorry.

You actually only need to use a little of the product and its covers up any blemish or dark circles I have. Its also great around my nose for covering redness. The product itself is very creamy and blends in easily.

You can see its hidden a few of my freckles in the picture :)

I think what I’ve learned here, is that if you find a product that works, you do just need to purchase or repurchase it. This isn’t that expensive at £18.50 – especially as it works! Also it seriously lasts ages! I’ve had this tub since the end of October and as you can see I’ve hardly touched it.

It's really helped to cover my awful dark circles!


MakeYuUp said...

I've always wanted to try that and Bo-ing but like you said, I need to stick to what works and I have the same thing with MAC's Studio Finish.. so Idk! :P

Mybutterfly63 said...

I really want to try this! x

roshas said...

i really want to try this but 18.50 :O :o

Marisa said...

I loveee erase paste, especially for under eye circles!

Anonymous said...

I agree about re-purchasing and it being worth the price if it works for you. I have done the same thing, finding something I like that is expensive and looking all over for a cheaper option that works as well...what happens is you end up spending more than the original item would have cost to re-purchase, by buying multiple cheaper products that don't measure up! The worst part is if you don't find something as good then you end up buying the expensive item in addition to the cheaper ones that you won't use and then look how much you have spent altogether. So- if it works, it's worth it has become my theme. I have bad skin and I can't use just anything, unfortunately.

LatBeautyAddict said...

@MakeYuUp - definitely need to stick with what works for u x

@Mybutterfly63 - definitely give it ago! It does work wonders

@roshas - I am so not into expensive makeup, but this is amazing!

@Marisa - its amazing for dark circles!!!

@beautyfromanotherplanet - thats what i do all the time! Fed up of it now - got about 6 cheap concealers in my makeup box that just dont do anything for me.


xSafarE said...

i use this and i looove it dont think i will ever switch to anything else :p

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