Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sainsbury Nail Varnish Gift Set

Now this set was only £5 and I really liked the look of the colours in the pack. In the set you Silver Glitter, Red, Dark Turquoise and Gunmetal. From what I can see on the bottle mine don't have names but I can't find the box now so it might have said on there.

I have tried to show you the colour but I had to use 4 coats of each colour to get a good finish as the consistency is quite watery. They also took ages to dry (not sure if you can see in the pictures I had knocked the gunmetal and red). I totally love the colour of the Turquoise and Gunmetal, and I will use them but it is a pain to have to use soooo many coats to get a good finish. The red is a nice shade but is similar to a couple of Nails Inc shades I already have. I like the silver glitter and will probably use this over some colours during Christmas nights out.

Overall it is a nice stocking filler for £5 but I was disappointed with the nail varnishes. I am happy to wait for my polish to set/dry on my nails but these took forever! I know I am going to end up smudging them and have to keep doing them.


Oh,Wunder! said...

hey lovely blog!!
do you want to follow each other??
i would be happy if you visit me


Ray said...

that turquoise is lush, and for a bargain £5 you can't be robbed!!! xxx

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I love that silver polish. I need to get one like that.

Marcy said...

very pretty colors


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