Monday, 20 December 2010

Next Cashmere Complete Beauty Palette

Firstly, just wanted to say that this is our 203 post! How mad is that??

Hadn't noticed that we'd done that many...its crazy!

Ok, haha back to the post :-),

I noticed this palette when Next launched there Christmas Guide, it costs £8 and contains 10 eye colours, 6 lip colours, a blusher and a highlighter.

I thought it looked pretty. The packaging looks really cute and it would make a lovely gift.

The colours look lovely in the palette and clearly they have used the Urban Decay Naked palette for inspiration. From the colours included, you could make some really lovely eye looks.

The colours are not very pigmented as you can see below, and half are shimmer and half are matte. I have swatched them left to right from the palette and the first four colours are very pale. .

But even with this I actually quite like this palette, with me being so pale the lightest colours work alright for me as a day look with just some eyeliner and mascara.
The blusher isn't particularly a shade I would normally go for but I do quite like it on me and the highlighter is nice, though a tad to bright for me. I am not a big fan of highlighters I can never seem to get the balance right between just a nice glow instead of looking greasy and a bit Disco!

The set also contains 6 lip glosses which are very pigmented and are a good choice of colours. They are a bit sticky on but I find that with lip glosses you have in palettes. I will still use them with a bit of plain gloss as well, I really like them all but probably wont use the darker pink/red shade it's not my colour.


Lisa. said...

Sometimes with pallettes like this they are actually very chalky and almost child magazine like. I have a next pallette that looks great, but is pretty bad quality actually. Which is such a shame, but this looks good and for the price fair enough.

Merry Christmas!

Get Gawjus! said...

Looks so pretty! Wish it was a tad bit more pigmented :)

jadore said...

These colors look beautiful and I love the packaging.

Kirsty T said...

@Lisa I do agree I like the palette but it's not perfect

@Get Gawjus I wish it was more pigmented as well as the eyeshadows would be perfect then

@jadore it is a nice set but the eyeshadows aren't very pigmented

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