Sunday, 12 December 2010

Round Up of the Week

Ok so this is a quick round up. I'm still not feeling great but I've still tried to get things done - so many presents to sort out and wrap. Nightmare.

On Friday was my Xmas Do. I absolutely loved the dress I went for. It was so comfortable and just looked great on.

My work do's are always interesting to day the least. I think the funniest quote from the night for me was from one of the newer member of staff:

"best works do ever! love going out with you lot, you make my alcoholism look less severe"

I think some people are having the ordeal of a 2 day hangover to cope with. For me its my feet! My shoes were very cute but absolutely killed. I ended up barefoot, dancing around on the sticky floor in a student nightclub. Not a good idea.

K has had a tamer week. She put her tree up last weekend, which I always think its brave with a toddle in the house.

and took the little one to the Xmas market in Bletchley park, along with my mum and younger sister. She went to see Santa for the first time but wouldn't speak to him - awwww!

K also had a big family get together with in laws today.

Anyway here's a round of the week on the blog,

L did a complete round up off both of the
Aussie Blogger Markets.

K had a look at another
Accessorize Nail Polish - they're all so cute and such great quality for the price.

K re-discovered a great face scrub with
St Ives Anti Blemish Fighting Scrub

K showed you a cheap option for Xmas Nails with
MUA at Superdrug

L fines a new mineral makeup, Proto-col and gives you a look at one of their
Eye shadows in Heather

L becomes addicted to yet another lip balm.....but Palmer
Lip Butter in Chocolate and Peppermint tastes and smells yummy.

L shows you what she wore to her Xmas Do in her

Finally our
400 followers giveaway ends tonight,

We're also running a Winter Limitation Sourz giveaway,

I hope everyone has a great week and scarily when this goes up next week, there will be less than a week till Christmas Day.

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