Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Max Factor High Definition Felt Tip Eyeliner Pen in Brown

I had picked this up on eBay for £3.99 with free delivery, it looks like the seller still has them as well here. I have been trying out a couple of different pens recently as I find them far easier to use as I am rubbish with eyeliner, you can see my review of the other felt tip liners I own here.

I have been using E.L.F Coffee as my brown eyeliner recently but I fancied trying something else and found this when I was researching to buy one. I spotted it on eBay but so far I haven't been able to find it to buy in a high street store, but I'll keep looking. The only Max Factor one I can find in Boots is is Max Factor Colour Perfection Eye Liner for £4.99, which come in Black or Brown.

The pen is very easy to use and as I have found with these felt tips they glide on very well so even someone as rubbish as me gets a nice even line. My hand tends to shake when I am doing eye liner normally so I end up with a right mess! To apply these liners I do tend to draw a slightly thicker line, than I would with a liquid liner, so I can guarantee that it is neat.

I much prefer the colour and it does go on better then my ELF ones. I sometimes find that the tips of my ELF ones are not very soft on my eyes and go a bit hard. I have since purchased another 1 off eBay as I'm worried about running out! I have basically been using it most days as its so quick and easy to put on for a casual EOTD. I am going to look at the other one Max Factor does in Boots next time I am there to see if it is the same.

Does anyone know where else I can buy these from? Also what are your thoughts on Felt Tip Liners?


G said...

Love the colour. Can't believe how straight it looks

Lyuba-chan said...

I love them! My very first ones were Eyeko Graffiti ones, but they seem to dry out so fast :( Right now I'm using Collection 2000 Teal one, love it :) Even with the staining lol, I don't mind.

Kirsty T said...

@G thanks
@Lyuba-chan I have still been using my collection 2000 though it still stains me, I would like to get another colour as well

ShimmerDreamz (Cassie) said...

If you can't get them in the shops anymore, it might be discontinued or perhaps never made it across the pond to lil' old UK in the first place. Which means you'd have to trawl through the Internet for suppliers -_-;

Can't say I'm that impressed with felt tips. I enjoy how they're blacker than khol and easier to use than gel liners, but after seeing the vivid colours my Mac fluidliners offer, it's hard to go back. I've been bugging my local Mac MUA on how to line my eyes for a few times now and have finally mastered the technique :D

Kirsty T said...

@ShimmerDreamz I have not tried the MAC Fluidliners just yet, I have only just become a fan of eyeliners...but I will take a look

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