Friday, 10 December 2010

Palmer's Lip Butter

On this blog, the pair of us have a Lip balm addiction! Just can't get enough haha!

K was brave enough to show part of hers off, in a previous post. I haven't been yet. Just looking around my desk whilst I'm typing this in work sssshhh, I found 3 on my desk, 2 in my draws and another 2 in my bag - why I need all these I don't know?? But hey if there is a global lip balm crisis tomorrow I'm prepared hahah.

So like I said I already have loads, but then I saw this!

I love Palmers Cocca Body Butter, so I though oooohhh what would this be like. What made it even better was that it was Dark Choc and Peppermint, yum!

So of course I purchased it!

Firstly, the tub is squeezy and what I liked was that its not a balm but a butter. It goes on more like a gloss and it does add a glossy finish to my lips, which is an added bonus. I find that the butter really helps to soften my lips without the weird feeling I get with balms.

My favourite thing though, is the smell! OMG its like mint choc chip on your lips, its AMAZING.

Definitely going to be a permanent fixture in my bag, as this along with my Softlips has worked wonders this week on my horrible chapped lips.


kali said...

I love this lip balm too!! And it smells/tastes SO good.

LatBeautyAddict said...

It really does smell and taste so good haha! Seriously can't get enought of it


Gaby said...

This looks yummy! I want to try a lip butter since forever, and I have tried a sample of Palmers Body Butter and love it! Not sure if this lip butter is available where I live, tough 0=

Georgia said...

god i love palmers cocoa butter products. I used the moisturiser when I was younger as I went from like an a cup to a d in a month (slight exaggeration) haha. It totally got rid of stretch marks so good!


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