Monday, 27 December 2010

Barry M Pure Turquoise and Strawberry Ice Cream

On one of my days stuck in the house I decided to re-do my finger and toe nails. I tend to always have a dark polish on my toes and this time I settle on E.L.F Metal Maddess...don't worry I didn't take any feet pictures! But I wasn't sure what to put on my fingers. As I have previously mentioned I tend to wear dark colours on my toes and fingers...all the time! So I went through my nail varnish collection and found these two from Barry M in Pure Turquoise and Strawberry Ice Cream.

I brought them over the summer on a 3 for 2 and so far I have not actually even use them...this happens a lot with me, I will spot a colour I like but as they are bright I tend not to use them.

I have applied 3 coats of each of these with no base or top coat and the finish is alright, definitely better on the Pure Turquoise than the Strawberry Ice Cream. Both the colours would be great in the summer or to cheer up a winters day, but are a bit too pastel for my liking. L is quite happy to wear colours like this and really likes Barry M Berry Ice Cream which you can see here and here.

So I am still undecided and may need to get some more of these pastel shades to try, Barry M does have a great choice which you can see here. But I think I need to find the right shade of pastel/bright varnish for me.

Any recommendations would be great! Do you have any favourites?


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