Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Topshop Blushers


Now this is a gorgeous bright pink that once blended really does leave you with a natural flushed look. I absolutely love it. Also it blends in easily - I use an ELF Stippling brush and I'm more than happy with the end result.

This is without doubt my favourite blusher at the moment.

Head Over Heals

I love the peachy colour of this, which was the main reason I picked it up. Also I love a cream blusher in the summer (although we're not really having one at the moment).

It's a gorgeous peachy/coral shade that looks quite vibrant but once blended in you achieve a lovely natural peachy look. Don't get me wrong I found these to be highly pigmented but a little goes a long way.

I was a little concerned that this wouldn't be quite right on with my skin-tone and feckless however I love the end result.

I think I can honestly say that the Topshop makeup range is one of my favourite on the high street. There's a great selection and the products are so pigmented and affordable. I just love it.


BDP said...

I'm a massive fan of Flush: it gives that sort of glowy blush that really suits paler skins!

Your freckles are adorable, btw! So jealous.

harri said...

Flush looks lovely x


Dadda said...

i have the peachy one, they're lovely!

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